Video: Need screen sharing for your Android/iOS app? Embedded Remote App Support is a SDK for apps running on Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) or Android devices.

Remote support of mobile devices is continually progressing, but still far from where support professionals would like it to be. But what if support reps could see and troubleshoot mobile apps in real time? And what if customers could request assistance from their smartphone or tablet directly from mobile apps? That's the idea behind Embedded Remote App Support, a new SDK (software development kit) Bomgar announced last week.

Embedded Remote App Support allows mobile application developers to include Bomgar remote support in their iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Since it is a new remote support capability in the world of smartphones and tablets, we know you’re bound to have some questions. So, I thought a blog post anticipating some of those questions was warranted.

What is Embedded Remote App Support?

Remote Support for Android/iOS AppsEmbed Bomgar remote support in Android or iOS Apps

Embedded Remote App Support enables remote screen sharing and support for Android and iOS apps. The technology is delivered in a Bomgar software development kit (SDK). App developers can use it to make certain Bomgar remote support functionality native to their apps on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Why are we making the SDK available to customers?

Embedded Remote App SupportSee the remote app screen with Embedded Remote App Support

In my opinion, this new functionality is one of our most future-leaning features. The use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, but the landscape of remote support tools for mobile devices still lags far behind developments in desktop support.

This is due, in part, to limitations on controlling mobile devices. You can, for instance, control a remote desktop from an iPad. But, while some features for supporting iPads are available, no one can do screen sharing, much less full remote control, the other way around - from a PC to an iPad. Not legally, that is. Some Android manufacturers place restrictions on their devices, as well.

So our goal is to enable the best remote support experience that can be had on these devices. Embedded Remote App Support does not give support reps full access to the remote device, but it does enable remote access at the app level.

As you can see below, that’s quite a lot.

What Bomgar functionality can be included in my Android/iOS Apps?

Android/iOS App System InfoShow system info specific to your Android or iOS app

As an app developer integrating Bomgar’s Embedded Remote App Support, you are able to define both the Bomgar queue app support requests are filtered to and the support toolset available to technicians when they support app users. Here’s a brief rundown of the capabilities available to you:

  • Route app support requests to a specific support queue
  • Enable remote viewing/screen sharing of your app
  • Define custom special actions that control aspects of your app to automate troubleshooting
  • Show technicians custom system info specific to your app
  • Allow for file transfer to and from your app
  • Enable chat support in the context of your app
iOS/Android App File TransferEnable file transfer between your Android/iOS app and Bomgar

What is required to use Embedded Remote App Support?

Embedded Remote App Support will be generally available with Bomgar 13.1. But talk to us if you’re interested in using the SDK before then. Once you have access to it, using Embedded Remote App Support will require a development effort and a new release of your app.

My Favorite Feature

Collaborate with App ExpertsUse Equilibrium and escalation to collaborate with app experts or developers

And my favorite aspect of Embedded Remote App Support?  It’s all just part of Bomgar.

Before you scratch your head, here’s what I mean. With Bomgar, you get to centralize all your remote support activity by:

Once Embedded Remote App Support has been implemented, what you have is another Bomgar session. The only real difference is that these requests for remote assistance originate from an app on an Android smartphone or an iPad. All the other secure, centralized, collaborative benefits of using Bomgar for remote support are available to you.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions about Embedded Remote App Support from Bomgar. This SDK, like the Bomgar API, holds a lot of potential when it comes to powerful support of end-users. We look forward to seeing Bomgar users, new and old, embrace this new  functionality to support clients in a whole new way.

Have fun developing! If you’re an interested app developer, please contact Bomgar for more information.

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