Remote support is key when it comes to fast incident resolution in a multi-channel contact center. And improving time-to-resolution is at the heart of so many ITSM metrics. What types of metrics can you capture using remote support technologies, and how do you analyze those metrics?

On July 17th, Adam White, Senior Solutions Engineer at Bomgar, outlined unique types of metrics that you can capture using remote support technologies, how they are related, and how to analyze those metrics to improve services in a brief online presentation, followed by a live Q&A session with IT support professionals who asked questions like:

  • What ITSM tools allow you to collate remote support transcripts?
  • Is this process outlined in this webinar applied to any service operation, both internal and external to the organization?
  • How is Quality Control effected when having technicians multi-task resolutions vice addressing individually?

We invite you to watch the recorded presentation on Improving ITSM Metrics with Remote Support to learn more about easy methods for cutting resolution times and boosting customer satisfaction scores through remote support. 

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Liz Richardson

at Bomgar