HDI recently published its 2014 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report, which outlines the current state of desktop support, including practices desktop support organizations currently have in place, trends over the last three years, and expectations for the near future.

HDI defines desktop support as the function primarily responsible for responding to tickets (incidents, questions, and service requests) that relate to hardware, software, and applications used directly by end users. The report states: “In 2012, it was a surprise to see remote support tools voted the most important tools for desktop support teams to have, more important even than incident management systems. After three years in the top spot, however, it’s no longer surprising.”

Since 2012, Remote control technology tops the “must have” list of necessary technologies to successfully provide desktop support to end users. While this is great news for us, the report notes that desktop support ticket volumes continue to increase year over year. “Fifty-four percent reported an increase from the previous year, and new customer equipment, devices, and applications are still the primary causes. Sixteen percent of organizations saw a decrease in the number of tickets attributed this to the competency of the service desk (level 1).”

2014 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report

Desktops and laptops still dominate in types of devices supported (95.7%), but are closely followed by mobile devices (86.1 %). As workers begin to become more mobile and work from home and outside the office, they are relying more heavily on mobile devices. Not only is IT faced with the challenge of supporting dispersed workers, they are also having to juggle the multiple devices that each end user uses to get their work done.

2014 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report

Once again, the report names Bomgar as one of the most popular tools for desktop support. Our remote support solution has proven to be an invaluable asset because of its ability to securely support any device or system in any location. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who’ve chosen Bomgar as their remote desktop support solution, putting Bomgar towards the top of the list!

2014 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Nearly 43 percent of organizations are resolving more than half of their desktop support tickets through remote support.
  • Fifty-three percent of the tickets received by desktop support are incidents, while 44 percent are service requests.
  • 51 percent of end users supported are located in multiple sites throughout a single country.

With this report, you'll be able to use this invaluable data to validate, justify, and improve your desktop support organization's practices, processes, technologies, metrics, staffing, and salaries throughout the year. Download the full report here!

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