Earlier this month, we announced a new addition to our list of financial services customers: Gateway Bank of Florida. Gateway Bank is comprised of three charter banks with three branches each, adding up to a total of nine locations that the IT administration team is responsible for supporting.

Like all financial services organizations, Gateway Bank must comply with stringent FDIC regulations governing data security. The bank had been using VPN concentrators to facilitate employee access to the internal network and systems, but grew concerned over the vulnerabilities that VPNs create. Gateway Bank was already utilizing Bomgar’s Remote Support solution, and was familiar with our security background and differentiators. As a result, when they elected to implement a privileged access solution, Bomgar was a logical choice.

Bomgar Privileged Access enables Gateway Bank to control, monitor and manage privileged access to its network and critical systems. Each employee has a single set of login credentials that provides the access they need to do their jobs, whether they are in the office or at a remote location. In addition to the security benefits, Bomgar Privileged Access has also enabled Gateway Bank to streamline operations as it eliminates the inefficiencies associated with multiple login steps and numerous passwords.

Perhaps the greatest efficiency result, however, can be found in Gateway Bank’s ability to ensure business continuity in the face of a natural disaster. When Hurricane Matthew hit in October 2016 and devastated much of Florida’s Atlantic coast, the bank’s headquarters was forced to evacuate. Using Bomgar’s solution, key employees could still securely access critical systems and provide essential services to the bank’s clients—enabling them to operate as though everything was normal.

Check out the press release here to learn more about Gateway Bank’s implementation and you can also find stories on some of our other customers here.

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