Just when you thought you might not make it another day, or be able to see another pumpkin, Friday is here! Welcome back. Between finalizing Halloween plans and costumes, the folks at Apple launched yet another new product: the iPad Mini! Yes, they are much smaller than the iPads we’ve known, but just because they are small enough to fit in a trick-or-treat bag doesn’t mean that your neighbors will be handing them out. Pity. Before you are off to gathering candy, take a moment to find out what the newest member of the Apple mobile device family is all about.

Apple shrinks into the iPad mini
If you missed the live announcement of the newest iPad, check out this article with CNET’s take on this newest addition as well as 40 pictures of the 4th generation iPad.

iPad Mini vs. the new (and newer) iPad: what’s different?
We’ve all known that iPad prototypes of every shape and size reside inside Apple’s design lab, but few of us believed we’d ever see one on store shelves. Now that Tim Cook and chums have whipped the covers from the iPad Mini, it’s time to delve inside!

Apple’s Rationale for a Smaller iPad After Steve Jobs
The newest iPad release by Apple this week is certainly smaller than its predecessors, which leads some to ask the question: Why? Check out this post in the Digits section of the Wall Street Journal to get comments directly from commander-in-chief Tim Cook.

Hands-On With Apple’s new iPad Mini: Good Things Do Come In Small Packages
On the heels of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5, the iPad Mini is now the newest member of Apple’s mobile device lineup. The smaller iPad retains much of the charm of its larger sibling, but it’s so thin and light, it almost feels like a prop rather than a functional device.

iPad Mini: A comparison with other small tablets
Wondering how the latest release from Apple measures up to its competitors? See the specifications breakdown and get a glimpse into a market that seems to be picking up steam.

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