cavanna.jpgIf a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’m sure this picture says a few words about Robert Cavanna, California resident and Pearson employee.  Robert just joined the Bomgar Community in November of last year but has already worked himself up to Knighthood status.  That’s pretty impressive, and it speaks to his active presence in our Forums, from which we hope to continue to learn.

We wanted to take a moment and get to know Robert a little better by asking him a few questions.  If you have any questions to add, feel free to put them in the comments.  I’m sure he’ll answer them if he can. 

Liz Richardson: Which title do you prefer? Techie, IT Pro, Support Warrior? Or feel free to give your own.

Robert Cavanna: Connoisseur of Shiny and Blinky Things.  Curiosity always gets the best of me and I find myself supporting really anything technology- related.  

LR: If you could create the ultimate tool to make your job easier, what would it be?
RC: Coffee that lowers my blood pressure.

LR: If you had a support professional motto, what would it be?
RC: It's certainly not my motto, but I always chuckle when I hear the IT Crowd's, "IT.  Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

LR: What is your biggest pain point with helping the less technologically minded?
RC: When I provide support, I've always tried to make sure I not only resolve someone's issue, but teach them how it's being resolved and why I'm doing certain things.  Most people I've encountered tend to be very receptive to learning, but I do get discouraged when working with someone who just wants me to fix it and doesn't care how.  It's important to empower customers to be successful with your products. 

LR: Which types of devices do you find yourself supporting these days?
RC: Servers and desktops of the Windows and Mac “varietals”.

LR: How did you or your company choose Bomgar?
RC: Bomgar was selected as our remote support solution primarily for its security features and licensing model.  While we only need licenses for concurrent users, we can create named accounts for everyone who ever needs to use Bomgar.  All traffic to and from the Bomgar server is SSL encrypted.

LR: Does Bomgar specifically play into your company’s industry in any way?
RC: Bomgar really makes it easy to provide support across multiple platforms.  We support our software on servers and desktops running Windows or Macintosh, and it's nice knowing that the support experience is consistent and simple across the board no matter the combination of systems.

LR: What one Bomgar feature could you just not live without?
RC: Jump Clients for unattended access.  With some international customers, we often run into some difficulty getting both support and the customer on the phone/computer at the same time.  With Jump Clients, that's no longer a problem.  In fact, even our initial Bomgar connection process is now self-service and no longer requires the support rep to be in the system.

LR: What’s the most interesting Bomgar session you’ve conducted to date?
RC: While training our support team on Bomgar, I demonstrated setting up a Bomgar session on my own computer and started screen sharing.  If you can find a room with mirrors on opposite walls, stand between them and look at your repeating reflection, that's basically what my computer looked like... think Inception, but with remote support.

LR: Do you have any tips for running a help desk or support center that have made your work easier?
RC: Always gain agreement and set expectations before you start fixing anything. Even if you can't solve someone's problem, it's always reassuring for me as a customer when I know support understands my needs and has a plan for making progress.  As a support representative, I find that customers are always much easier and enjoyable to work with when they trust you are on the same page and have their interests in mind.

LR: What’s your favorite thing about the Bomgar Community (shameless plug by Liz), and what’s one feature or aspect that you would like to see added?
RC: Having helped to start an online community for our customers, I know how much time and effort it takes to encourage participation and keep things going.  Liz and the rest of the Bomgar crew do a fantastic job, whether it's providing informal forum support, or keeping the community aware of what's important in the world of Bomgar.  I probably wouldn't participate as much if it weren't for the Bomgar presence.

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