Darren Ilston. Techie or daredevil motorcycle fiend?  Either way, he’s a great Bomgar Community member.  It seems appropriate that we would be spotlighting a UK client today as earlier this week we announced the opening of our new office in High Wycombe, United Kingdom (serving as our EMEA headquarters) and our partnership with Hornbill, a leading enterprise service management software vendor based in the UK.
Darren works for Melbek Technology who provides computer security, forensics and support services to a wide range of corporations.  In the Community, he’s one of those guys who always has time to add a helpful response or encouraging comment.  And, we’re not going to lie, we love his Bomgar enthusiasm for sure.  So, take a moment to get to know a great Bomgar baron.
LR: Which title do you prefer? Techie, IT Pro, Support Warrior? Or feel free to give your own.
DI: I was introduced as "Nerd" once, maybe this fits smile             

LR: When you aren’t saving people from their technology demons, what do you find yourself doing?
DI: I like riding motorbikes and walking our dog     

LR: What specific support problems or challenges does your business face?
DI: Customers require a quick resolution to problems. We try and build redundancy and failover where possible but sometimes there just isn't the budget.

LR: Which types of devices do you find yourself supporting these days?
DI: PC's, Windows Servers, we support Linux and FreeBSD (I am a big fan of FreeBSD), then there are portable devices (Win and iPhone mainly) and then there are the usual firewalls, switchs, etc.

LR: How did you or your company choose Bomgar?
DI: We spent six months evaluating the available products and services. We tested live with customers as well as in a lab environment. Our initial concern was jumping in with both feet with Bomgar – it appears expensive but the ROI is pretty quick.
Security is a big thing for our customers, when dealing with the legal industry and carrying out forensics we can demonstrate an audit log and we know where the traffic is routed, with other solutions traffic could be going anywhere and data could be sitting anywhere.

LR: What is your favorite Bomgar feature and why?
DI: Jump Clients, having a client pinned and enabling us to jump directly onto a device when it is unattended, this means we can carry out work when the end user isn't there.

LR: What’s the most interesting Bomgar session you’ve conducted to date?
DI: Interesting, well I think supporting a customer over GPRS connection whilst sitting in a car was pretty interesting. I was impressed at how well it worked given the bandwidth and how "bursty" GPRS data can be.

LR: What tip or advice do you find yourself giving most to your support peers?
DI: Never believe what the end user is saying. I mean this in a nice way. We find that the user that says "I didn’t do anything" eventually tells you what they did but only after you find the problem or when you are fixing it smile
On a more serious note though, I try and help the end user understand what happened and how to fix it. Teaching whilst fixing the issue can reduce your workload considerably – the Bomgar video of sessions can be very good at helping here.

LR: What’s your favorite thing about the Bomgar Community (shameless plug by Liz), and what’s one feature or aspect that you would like to see added?
DI: I like the people, they all seem great and helpful. Maybe consider adding a poll?

LR: If you could create any gadget for the future, what would it be?
DI: A flying bike.  I always wanted one as a kid smile

LR: If you had a support professional motto, what would it be?
DI: Make notes, learn from your mistakes and stay professional.

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