photo.jpgFeel like you’ve heard the name Adam Miller before?  You probably have.  Adam is not only a frequent voice in the Bomgar Community (a top contributor, in fact) but also a frequent visitor to Bomgar’s Facebook page. He was recently dubbed one of our two “IT Tips & Tricks” contest winners, proving that it pays to play.  Adam works for a Wisconsin financial institution which boasts being the second largest Agricultural lender in the state.

Looking back at Adam’s previous Community posts, I found that on November 2, 2010, Adam wrote, “I know what would be great for this next release, a rep console for the iPad!!! smile” Maybe he was willing to do this Community Spotlight since we finally gave him what he wanted. Hmmm….


Liz Richardson: Which title do you prefer? Techie, IT Pro, Support Warrior, Bomgar Bomber? Or feel free to give your own.
Adam Miller: Techie. I love technology and what it has to offer.         
LR: When you aren’t saving people from their technology demons, what do you find yourself doing?
AM: In my spare time, I play video games. I have been playing video games since I was like 7. Started out on the Atari back in the early '80s.          
LR: Is your help desk using Bomgar to support internal employees or external customers? Or both?
AM: Both.
LR: How did you or your company choose Bomgar?
AM: When I started to look for remote access support solutions, we first turned to our vendors and suppliers to see what they were using. One of our vendors is Fiserv. They use Bomgar also. As an end-user Bomgar was easy to use. Once I started to research it more and more, I really liked a few things:  1) an in-house appliance that WE have complete control over, 2) it’s less expensive over the long run and 3) the security of the software.

LR: What’s the most interesting Bomgar session you’ve conducted to date?
AM: When an internet banking client was having issues, I had to use Bomgar to get into their system. After troubleshooting, I realized that I needed the vendor’s help; so I called our internet banking vendor (Fiserv).  Instead of them using their Bomgar appliance to remote into my system, i simply invited them in using the 3rd party vendor invite feature, and they were able to solve the issue quickly. Love that 3rd party invite feature.
LR: What tip or advice do you find yourself giving most to your support peers?
AM: No matter how computer illiterate the end-user is, remember to think like them a little bit and just relax, breathe. You will get through this.
LR: What has been your biggest frustration as an IT professional?
AM: Since I am only a little over two years out of college, so far the biggest challenge and frustration was just getting that first job after/while going to college. Companies want you to have experience before they will hire you, but they won't hire you to get the experience.
LR: If you could create any gadget for the future, what would it be?
AM: A device that would translate error codes faster and in plain English (maybe you could just take a picture of the on screen error code with your smartphone, and it would display the correct answer on how to fix it), instead of having to go to and type in "error code 0x0050ad57".
LR: If you had a support professional motto, what would it be?
AM: Relax and breathe. You will get through this.

LR: Final words of wisdom?
AM: I like to sum up trouble shooting in a few words. "If it is taking a long time to fix an issue, then the answer is probably something easy that you missed/overlooked. Go back to step 1."

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