The ways consumers are choosing to interact with companies for support have diversified beyond the simple phone call or email.

Customers want to communicate their needs and have issues resolved in the channel they prefer, and companies are seeking to meet this need via a multichannel customer relationship management (CRM) model. This means companies must take a strategic approach to customer support, offering customers options to communicate via phone and email but also Web chat, video chat, text and social media. It also requires them to provide the technology to their IT support staff to be able to fulfill customer support requests.

With the technology, processes and consumer expectations for customer support in a state of evolution, Ashley Smith of SearchCRM, a TechTarget publication, interviewed Bomgar’s Jeremy Curley and several other industry experts for an overview of multichannel CRM.

"Customer service is all about meeting and exceeding customer expectations," said Jeremy Curley, director of business solutions at Bomgar Corp., which uses chat and self-service, among other channels, for sales and customer support. "Companies, of course, have to meet those rising expectations. Companies are going to the channels where their customers are."

Even with new options to support customers, Curley goes on to say that phone and email are still the most prominent means of contact, with self-service options growing in adoption:

"Phone and email have always been the most important, and they still are," Bomgar's Curley said. "But you're also seeing more customers leaning toward self-service. A lot of companies are moving in that direction."

This SearchCRM article offers a glimpse of the complexities enterprises are dealing with in terms of how to best support their own IT staff and customers with robust tools that enhance productivity and reduce support time. Bomgar is a leader in support solutions for a wide range of business needs, from the IT service desk to the customer support center to vendor access, and is pre-built to integrate with industry-leading CRM and systems management platforms. Find out more about Bomgar’s solutions here.

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