Fun fact: More than 450 universities around the world use Bomgar to support and manage their network infrastructure, classroom technology, and end-user devices.
So with March Madness in the air, we got to thinking. How many of the schools competing to be in the NCAA Championship are Bomgar customers?

Results:  41% of the 68 teams in the tournament are Bomgar customers!

We thought it might be interesting to create our very own Bomgar Bracket using a few Bomgar-centric rules:

1. If one team is a Bomgar customer and the other isn’t, the Bomgar customer wins.
2. If both or neither teams are Bomgar customers, whichever team has orange in their team colors wins.  (We love orange!!)
3. If both teams are Bomgar customers, and both or neither have orange in their team colors, the school that has been a Bomgar customer the longest wins.
4. If neither team is a Bomgar customer, and both or neither have orange in their team colors, the school that is located closest to Bomgar’s Jackson, Mississippi headquarters wins.

Here’s how it plays out:

Click on the attachment to see a full sized version of the bracket.

Using these oh-so-scientific criteria, we predicted a win for the University of Florida!
Disclaimer: The opinions, views or alma maters of Bomgar employees had no effect on the results of this study. Seriously.

In the end, it came down to Orange vs. Orange. University of Florida has been a customer longer than University of Texas. Longstanding Bomgar loyalty prevailed.

Is being a Bomgar customer the key to March Madness success? We shall see. Until then—did you have an interesting way of coming up with your brackets? Sound off below!

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