“We ‘Bomgar’ our customers all day, every day.”
“We’d be lost without it.”
Being at a job where you continually hear how great the product is and how it’s improved so many people’s day-to-day operations is incredible. And man, have I heard horror stories about what it’s like when that isn't the case. Fighting with the manufacturing/development team over what should go into a product that won’t sell is just the opposite of neat-o. Try going into an important demo with a product that is unstable, and it’s enough to make most sales folks lose their self-respect and quit on the spot. But even as recently as last week, one of my customers said that Bomgar has made their lives “300% easier,” and the product is “extraordinary.” Not to mention we have about as cool a company-name-turned-verb as Google. That’s pretty tough to beat in the B2B space.

nates-pic.jpgAs for remote support technology itself, it used to be that taking over someone’s computer from your own was unheard of. “Wait, wait, wait… You can actually move my mouse?” The technology was new and exciting, but unfortunately required a point-to-point connection. This involved  an immense effort from the end user, sometimes equivalent to battling a terrifying amalgam of the Rancor and Bane (somebody with mad skills please photoshop that for me) , usually  including one or both of the following: (1) walking the customer over the phone through an arduous list of things to do to genuinely wreak havoc on their settings (possibly making it easier to resolve their original issue via phone); or (2) opening ports on your own or somebody else’s firewall.  Several years and a much simpler nates-pic-2.jpgdesign/session initiation later, we have seen myriad companies enter the remote support market, and yet we continue to make tech support individuals downright giddy. And honestly, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a full grown support rep going “Squeeeeeeee!” I have personally seen this IRL (in real life) at tradeshows… and it never gets old.

What’s been a blast for me has been to track the continued success of the product and the steps that have led to where we are now. We could have been a has-been company by now, resting on our laurels and stalling product releases, but that’s just not Bomgar’s modus operandi. Our primary goal is to deliver the best and most secure remote support solution on the market for helpdesks, call centers, IT outsourcers, one-man IT shops, and larger IT departments – across many miscellaneous verticals. I have seen our team listen to customers, and I have seen us put that into action. Has it become increasingly difficult to balance feedback and prioritize features from various and sundry situations and organizations? You bet. I have got to hand it to our team that they are able to elicit feedback from all parties and make key decisions that affect future growth and roadmap, while still placing unwavering focus on what will impact the largest amount of our customers.
There are three things that get me jazzed about Bomgar: our hugely enthusiastic customers, where our product is going, and that some folks have yet to hear about us.  Spread the word, Bomgarites. You can hit up our referral site and be rewarded for recommending Bomgar. And please continue to send us feedback (email your Account Managers), and we’ll do our best to continue to add features and enhancements at a steady clip. 
You guys rock. Thanks for calling us “awesomesauce” and the like.  We look forward to our continued business partnership. Look us up at your local HDI chapter meetings, and stop by the booths of all our upcoming tradeshows. Oh – and don’t forget to “Squeeeeeee!” for Bomgar!
See you soon.
-Nate Q.

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