A perfect world would not include system errors. But we are not in a perfect world. Users are users and will always create problems, while systems themselves often encounter issues with frequent updates. Proprietary programs are even more troublesome. At my office, we have programmed, built, and deployed our own data collection system for electronic medical records. So T.R.O.U.B.L.E. is going to occur.

I have been the IT support rep for our proprietary program for nearly eight years and let me tell you, it has been a bumpy ride. Whether it’s because I’m younger than 98% of anyone I directly work with or not, it has taken time to gain the respect of some users, especially the ones I don’t ever see in person.  Our company has three locations spread out over the state. Since I am stationed at one and routine travel is neither convenient nor cheap, communication with users at these remote locations was limited to only email and phone. We all know that a lot of context can get lost in emails, and phone communication, when it comes to support, can be just as frustrating. Who wants to blindly walk someone through steps and wait in the awkward silence where you hope they are doing what you told them to do? Or how frustrating is it to go back and forth on an e-mail chain rather than getting an instant fix? When it came to supporting the other two locations, we just did not have an optimal solution for on-demand support.

That was before Bomgar.

Bomgar, Bomgar, Bomgar. I can’t say it enough, really. How did we happen upon this magical tool? Back in November of 2012, one of our vendors started using Bomgar and after only a few sessions with him, my boss was sold. And so was I! Setup was pretty easy – add a little configuration, and we were all set to start supporting remote users. Bye-bye phone and e-mail support sessions. Now when my users have a problem, they call me up, I direct them to a webpage, they click the link and…ta da! I can see what they are seeing, witness their issue firsthand, control their system and come to a solution in a fraction of the time as before. Their response? “WOW.”  My internal response? “I know.”

There are only three of us in the IT department, and I am the primary Bomgar user in my organization and our primary support tech any time of day or night. This means my work hours are never limited to eight to five. I was able to install the Bomgar console on my home computer, which has greatly increased the ease of after-hour support. Instead of trying to contact my backup to see if he is still on site, I just have to login and send the user to our support portal. I LOVE IT!

Fast, efficient, and accurate support. That is what the Bomgar Appliance has meant for us. No more creating ‘How To’ manuals for people to send me back the information I need via email. I have my console installed everywhere I may ever need to use it. Additionally, I also installed a jump client on my home PC so I can test functions from off-site without the need to be off-site or to bug any of my friends at home. I admit it; I even use it to help my aging parents on their computer from time to time.

Bomgar has definitely not only improved but revolutionized my world of support.  And I don’t ever want to go back!

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Crystal Patterson

at Bomgar