We have a bit of a service desk celebrity for today’s Community Spotlight.  Coretta Knight, Technical Solutions Specialist 2 at long-time Bomgar customer Carestream Dental, recently received the prestigious 2011 HDI Southeast Analyst of the Year Award! And as if that wasn’t enough, Coretta completed her Technical Support Representative certification before the end of 2008, achieved TSR-II in 2009, advanced to Technical Support Specialist in 2010, and achieved TSS-II in 2011. Coretta’s manager, Chris Giddens had this to say about her:

“For the past year, and longer, no rep had more impact on the success of Ortho support than Coretta.  She has been the heart and soul (and glue) of the group, not just maintaining cohesion within the team but also fostering a thriving environment of success.”

Coretta has 2 children (boy -16 and girl -6), enjoys anime, and is a fan of the Green Bay Packers. We are thrilled to get to know Coretta a little better and hope you enjoy meeting this exceptional support technician as well. 

How long have you been at Carestream Dental? What various roles have you played there?

I have worked at Carestream for 4 years.  I started as an entry level technical support rep, and now I primarily handle escalations.  I also facilitate new hire and enrichment trainings for the staff.

Which title do you prefer? Techie, IT Pro, Support Warrior, Bomgar Bomber? Or feel free to give your own.

Not so much that I 'prefer' this title, but my fiance and teenage son both call me a “hacker.”  Anything software related that needs to do something it was not designed to do, they can count on me to make happen! grin    

When did you decide you wanted to enter this field and what was the impetus?

I did not make the decision to enter this field - it really just fell into my lap.  I needed a job. Carestream (then Practiceworks) needed staff.  After I joined the crew here I realized that I wanted to stay, so I refreshed some old skills and learned some new ones.  Primarily SQL with a dash of networking sprinkled in for flavor.  Prior to this, IT just was a hobby.

What’s the biggest satisfaction you get out of working in IT?

Making things “go.”  When I was ten, my dad bought a Commodore 64 (yes, I am dating myself here).  I learned to program in basic on that thing, and the first program I learned was to make hot air balloons float across the screen.  I had one character missing, so after combing through lines of programming, finding it and getting it to work, I was so excited I did cartwheels!  I am not limber enough to do cartwheels anymore, but I still get that same excitement when I find and fix the piece of broken code that caused the problem.

Is your help desk using Bomgar to support internal employees or external customers? Or both?

We use it as a combination of both.  Because a good number of our staff is remote, we use Bomgar to facilitate one-on-one training, to share presentations, and even to assist each other when we have reached a stalemate on a client’s computer.  I cannot tell you how many times Bomgar has been a life saver!  The ability to see what a client is trying to describe is invaluable.  Anyone who has listened to a Southern Belle try to explain to a Northern Yankee how they "mashed the button" and it didn't work will know PRECISELY what I am talking about. LOL

What specific support problems or challenges does your business face or are unique to your industry?

Our clients are from the Dental/Healthcare industry, and as such they use a lot of language/terms that we are unfamiliar with.  A lot of our support time is consumed by trying to bridge the gap between how they describe their end goal and our understanding it.  Bomgar is a great tool to assist us with this, as it is so much easier to determine what they are trying to accomplish when we can see the same thing they are seeing.

How did you or your company choose Bomgar?

Prior to Bomgar we were using PC Anywhere.  That required both us and the client to have certain software and equipment.  It also required our clients to have knowledge of how to operate the program and the required equipment.  Because we are rarely dealing with technical minded individuals, the connection process would take an incredibly long time and sometimes would require involvement of their local hardware technician.  With Bomgar, the process is so much smoother and rarely requires the user to ask outside sources for assistance.  And the connection time is DRASTICALLY reduced.

What has been your biggest frustration as an IT professional?

Getting our clients to buy into the concept of "new features = updated hardware.”  Too often our clients want the latest and greatest features, but do not understand why their current hardware does not support it; more to the point, they believe we are just trying to make a sale.

If you could be any super hero, who would it be?

Storm.  Not the current Hollywood version, but the original Marvel Comics version.  She has the "you won't like me when I'm angry" mode, and still manages to look absolutely FABULOUS!

Anything else you would like to add?

I really don't do autobiographies well, but I LOVE Inside the Actors Studio, so here are some random questions I’ll ask and answer myself:

What is your favorite word?  Coffee
What is your least favorite word?  Can't
What turns you off?  Ignorance
What sound or noise do you love?  The ocean
What sound or noise do you hate?   Taps
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Psychologist
What profession would you not like to do?   Window Washer (heights *shudder*)
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? "Welcome! Margaritas on the left, Long Islands to the right, and If you like Pina coladas..."

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