Ever wanted to take a back stage peak at the inner workings of Bomgar? How about a glimpse of what technology roles are actually needed to create what has become a leader in remote support software technology? Or maybe you’ve even wondered what it would look like for this bright, orange company.

Here’s your chance. Last week, Mississippi Public Broadcasting featured Bomgar in its Job Hunter television program that focused on technology companies in the Jackson area. The episode gives a closer look at the role Bomgar plays in the software industry and just what exactly those folks in orange do.

Noting Bomgar as the “brain child” of Joel Bomgar, viewers learn the basics of what makes remote support technology indispensable, and, why Bomgar is the best option out there.

According to Joel Bomgar, founder and CEO, “Software runs the world behind the scenes. Somehow, it affects all of our lives.” With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, both at home and in the workplace, Joel’s words are undeniable. Technology is going to keep growing, and Bomgar is right there with all the IT folks to help us keep pace.

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Elizabeth Hulsey

Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist

At Bomgar, Elizabeth is responsible for building Bomgar’s brand awareness through public relations, media relations and social media. She works directly with Bomgar’s PR agencies in the US and UK to develop thought-leadership and industry specific content to expand Bomgar’s digital footprint and communicate key company/product messages. Elizabeth also manages the blog, social media and webinar channels for Bomgar, compiling compelling and relevant content to post daily, weekly and monthly. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Lee University, and has been with Bomgar since September 2009.