We’re excited to announce the release of Bomgar 12.3, the latest version of our remote support solution. Bomgar 12.3 includes new features that increase collaboration and productivity for both administrators and support reps, including:

- Collaborative Browser Sharing – Gives support reps view-only access to the end-user’s browser, allowing them to assist with web applications without gaining full access to the end-user’s computer. Ideal for those who provide support for customer web portals or applications.
- Intelligent Collaboration – Frontline reps can now broadcast a request for help, and Bomgar automatically routes it to the next available rep that has the skills that are required for that particular issue.
- Custom Special Actions – Lets administrators make the most commonly used tasks quickly accessible to support reps by customizing the list of available Special Actions within the Bomgar Rep Console.
- Embedded Bomgar Button – Enables IT organizations to embed a Bomgar button directly into applications, making it easy for end-users to request immediate support directly from the application they’re using.
- Rep Login Schedule – Allows administrators to restrict when reps can start using the Rep Console and, optionally, when reps are logged out of the Rep Console at the end of a shift.
- Support for Virtualized Environments – Bomgar is extending its platform support by certifying virtual desktop environments for both end-users and representatives, specifically Citrix XenDesktop 5+ and VMware View 5+.
Thanks again to all of our 12.3 beta testers for helping us to improve the release!
For all of the release details, including instructions on how to download the new version, visit: www.bomgar.com/12-3.

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