With System Administrator Appreciation Day upon us, we are reminded to stop and show appreciation for those of you who keep our technology up and running.  From resetting our passwords to bringing our spam-crippled laptops back to life – you, the IT pro, are continually asked to go above and beyond your job so we can do ours. Whether helping the CEO with an emergency at 3am or calmly aiding the employee who cannot access the internet…again…you, the faithful few, move ever onward in your quest to solve IT issues, one end-user at a time, often going Beyond the Call of Duty to make sure the job gets done.

In order to salute IT professionals of all kinds, we invite you to share stories of times you were called or willingly ventured forward beyond the call of duty.  Whether it was saving the organization’s infrastructure from doom or resurrecting that iPhone with some after-hour rehab, tell us about a time that you stretched the limits of IT support. 

A little shy about tooting your own horn? We thought you might be. That’s why one random, fearless story teller will win an Xbox 360 250GB Value Bundle and a pre-ordered copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts, due out this Fall. We’ll also feature some of our favorite stories in the next Bomgar newsletter.

Share your story in the comments field below and salute (leave your feedback for) those of your fellow brothers.

In the meantime, carry on, Soldier. Carry on.

Contest Update - August 1, 2013

Due to the great response on this contest, we are now offering our random winner their choice of either an Xbox 360 Value Bundle which will be sent immediately after the close of the contest or a pre-ordered Xbox One Day One Edition* (November 2013)! 

*Availability permitting

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