After a relatively mild winter last year, the cold weather has taken a firm grip on much of the country, with many places recording the coldest temps of the century. Here in Atlanta we experienced a low of 6 degrees, in St Louis they fell to 8 below zero and in Chicago they had a high of 14 degrees below zero! A lot of folks are used to surviving these frigid temperatures, but down here in the South it’s a shock to our system. In fact, today it’s snowing and wreaking havoc across our Southeastern states as the roads have gone from bad to non-drivable in a few hours. It’s our own mini Snowmageddon.

In light of this exceptionally cold winter weather, we decided to ask members of our new advocacy group, the Bomgar Insider, to give us their best ideas and tips on how to stay warm. Hey, we could use the advice! We couldn’t let all the great (or not so great) advice go without sharing. So, here are just a few of our favorite tips from tech pros across the country on how they stay warm in the coldest of weather.

  • Keep the humidity up above 30% in your house
  • Some wine or Cognac are very helpful smile
  • Work from home!
  • Gloves and sock warmers
  • Turn off the Server Farm AC and wait for the temp to rise....
  • A large, roaring fire in the fire place.
  • What Polar Vortex? Cheers from the West Coast.  
  • Coffee and long socks
  • Stay inside, the best tip of the day.
  • For those that have to go into work, build a cardboard fort around your cubicle and have an interoffice war with fellow co-workers since upper management "couldn't" make it in. 
  • Put on Bomgar Fleece Hoodie and snuggle up with a Bomgar Fleece blanket!
  • Go behind the server racks.....and stay there...brrrr.
  • Get the Starbucks gift pack as a Bomgar advocate with your reward points. Warm beverages are awesome!

And we saved the best for last…….. “Stay in bed . . . use Bomgar so you don't have to go in!” Brilliant.

Have any more useful (or entertaining) advice? Share in the comments below!

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