This year’s 5 Days of Bomgar came and went faster than Santa’s reindeer on the roof! It was a blast and our Bomgar Insiders competed for the top spot and the daily prizes with the zeal of a kid on Christmas Eve. Take a look at the run-down of the best responses to our festive challenges:

Insiders helped us kick off 5 Days of Bomgar with some great involvement on social media. They voted on Twitter, commented on Facebook, and posted on Instagram. Here were some of the results:


Travis G. pulled out all the stops to make a Bomgar Tree!

The Insiders also voted on Twitter to answer the question “What gets end users put on the naughty list?” The final results? *Drumroll please* Opening a Phishing Email! Looks like they know the best way to protect themselves is to connect fearlessly with Bomgar!

We also had our Insiders get a little silly and write Bomgar a holiday song and name our Bomgar Reindeer. Take a look:

D. S. Hodges wants to replace the original reindeer names with Bomgar themed ones...like these! “Chatter, Controller, Diagnoser, and Bomgar, On Quicker, and Remoter, and Faster, and Orange!”

While Randy M. never wants Bomgar to leave his network! He even wrote a song about it: “I really can't see your screen. But baby you've got Bomgar. There's really no way. But baby you've got Bomgar.....Baby you've got Bommmgarrrrrr! Yeah!”

We also had our Insiders get serious and tell us about when they used Bomgar to swoop in a save the day just like Rudolph. They shared their responses on Facebook:

“I remember a Rudolph moment in identifying a virus that had gotten loose in our environment. People were writing off computers as having hardware problems. Once I found the issue we were able to figure we saved having to buy a dozen new machines.” – Mark F.

“I assisted a Faculty member who was in his hotel room in France last week. He had inadvertently deleted half of his Inbox. I was able to remote in and quickly assist him with identifying and recovering the mail from the dumpster. Easy for me, life saving for him as he had the presentation he was there to deliver in his email.” – Mike M.

At the end of the week, we had our Insiders leave us with a laugh to relieve some holiday stress. This was our favorite “Holiday Fail” from Ryan C.:


Stay safe this holiday, and we will see you next year!

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