Bomgar 13.1 includes a new GUI, enhancements to presentations, deeper Applie iOS and Android support, and updates to core remote support features.

We announced the latest version of our remote support software today - Bomgar 13.1. While there are multiple enhancements, three stand out to me as particularly compelling, so I want to highlight them here.

#1 Do IT Training and Remote Support with One Tool

With our presentation feature, Bomgar has long enabled two-way screen sharing. But the enhancements in this release treat presentations as a standalone function.

Now, when  IT trainers use the Bomgar Representative Console, they can have a streamlined, presentation-only interface. The presentation interface for customers has also been streamlined. Attendees can view presentations in their browser - no download required.

Presentation Enhancements Screen SharingTrain remote users through a streamlined interface.

So use presentations to train on correct usage and eliminate a lot of help desk calls before they happen.

And don’t forget, presentation is included in the core product and comes with all the appliance-based security capabilities of Bomgar, which include session recording and reports.

#2 Enhanced Remote Support for Android and Apple iOS

More businesses are using iPads, iPhones and Android devices, so Bomgar continues to deepen our support for these platforms.

For example, one of our Bomgar 13.1 pre-release announcements was about Embedded Remote App Support - a new SDK that lets developers embed Bomgar remote support in their iOS and Android Apps. You can read my earlier blog post for more about that feature.

But there’s more.

You can already use Bomgar to remote control Android devices made by Samsung. The improvement in remote support for non-Samsung Android devices in Bomgar 13.1 brings Android support into parity with Apple iOS support. Now you can co-browse and transfer screenshots on Android just like you can on an iPhone or iPad.

Android Screen SharingView remote screen shots from an Android device.

Speaking of iPhones and iPads, Bomgar 13.1 also includes the ability to deploy Bomgar apps to your Apple iOS Enterprise App Store.

Oh, and did I mention that all supported platforms are included in the core product at no additional charge?

#3 Do Everyday Remote Support Actions Faster

Chat Support Canned MessagesCategorize messages, distribute messages to support teams and search messages from the Representative Console.

Bomgar 13.1 isn’t all lagniappe. (Hey, I’m proud of my roots!)

A redesigned interface and updates to core functionality mean you’ll perform the support steps you take every day faster. Here are just a few of the ways:

  • The Bomgar Representative Console has been redesigned to streamline everyday workflows.
  • New management capabilities for canned messages make chat support faster.
  • Jump Technology can now push a smart card driver to those local or remote network machines you need to access.
  • Reps can perform more actions from the file transfer interface without disrupting end-users.
  • Managing permissions for user accounts and support teams will be easier for administrators.

Almost every aspect of Bomgar has been improved with this release.

If you're an existing customer, we think you'll like the new Bomgar. If you just met us, we hope you'll give Bomgar a try.

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