Liz Shulof

Liz Shulof

How long have you been working at Bomgar?

I joined Bomgar in July of 2010.

Which roles have you held and what is your current title?

I am currently the VP of Marketing Communications.

Give a brief explanation of your current job role.

Essentially my job is to get the word out about Bomgar. Many of our customers consider the Bomgar solution to be a “best kept secret” for IT professionals. I want Bomgar to be the “worst kept secret,” everyone should know about it!

Name one thing you enjoy about working at Bomgar.

The thing I enjoy most about working at Bomgar is our customers. We have so many positive, energetic and funny Bomgar fans. Whether they’re Tweeting about their favorite feature, submitting a video for one of our contests, or dressing up as a Bomgar Box for Halloween, I’m constantly inspired by the passion our customers have for Bomgar.

List two to four things that you consider hobbies or that interest you the most.

I enjoy running, skiing (snow), and going to the ballet or theater.

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