Kim Richard

Kim Richard

How long have you been working at Bomgar?

Since May 2011

Which roles have you held and what is your current title?

I started with Bomgar as a humble intern, but was quickly hired full time as Customer Marketing Specialist. My current title is Marketing Demand Campaign Manager.

Give a brief explanation of your current job role.

Currently responsible for all direct marketing efforts to worldwide customers and North American prospects. I also manage all EMEA tradeshows and events.

Name one thing you enjoy about working at Bomgar.

There's WAY more than one thing I enjoy about working for Bomgar but if I only had to pick one.. it would be the fun and relaxed corporate culture.

List two to four things that you consider hobbies or that interest you the most.

Food and travel! Whether it’s concocting a new dish in the comfort of my own kitchen, or visiting a new and eclectic restaurant, I love all things food. Travel really goes hand in hand with that—there’s nothing better than exploring a new place through your taste buds.