Justin Brock

Justin Brock

How long have you been working at Bomgar?

I started at Bomgar in December 2004.

Which roles have you held and what is your current title?

I'm an SEO Strategist with a heavy Product Marketing bent. I've done in-house SEO since 2005. The Product Marketing, which I also love, is permanently ingrained after working quite a while with Nathan McNeill, Bomgar's Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. I also served as a Technical Writer - a role in which I made Flarestrap. Previously, I was the webmaster, SEO, online advertising campaign manager, too-strong-coffee brewer ... having been here a while, I've done pretty much any job with 'marketing' in the title.

Give a brief explanation of your current job role.

My role is twofold: communicate clearly about our product and make sure people can easily find our content.

Name one thing you enjoy about working at Bomgar.

I'm surrounded by brilliant people who challenge and push me every day. It's great to work where everyone shared a common vision and knows their role in accomplishing it. Oh, and company lunches on Tuesday help grin.

List two to four things that you consider hobbies or that interest you the most.

I'm a voracious reader and love music. Some co-workers and I go running most weeks. I also recently took up archery and enjoy shooting with my son.