Justin Brock

Justin Brock

How long have you been working at Bomgar?

Early Bomgar team-member - since 2004.

Which roles have you held and what is your current title?

I currently serve as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Previous roles include Manager of Product Marketing, Sr. Technical Writer, SEO/SEM, Webmaster, and a slew of other jobs with "marketing" in the title that all relate to having been here a while.

Give a brief explanation of your current job role.

I help define and implement our digital marketing strategy. This includes everything from where and how we advertise to what we say on our website. I also serve Product Marketing/Management by providing competitive intelligence, market research, and analytics.

Name one thing you enjoy about working at Bomgar.

Bomgar is a company where culture matters. When I joined, there were about 14 people. Now there are around 300. At every stage, there's been a focus on the company culture. I'm surrounded by brilliant people who challenge and push me every day. It's great to work where everyone shared a common vision and knows their role in accomplishing it. Oh, and company lunches on Tuesday help grin.

List two to four things that you consider hobbies or that interest you the most.

Reading, music, archery, yard work, and hanging out with my family.