Bomgar + Higher Education = A Pretty Perfect Team

Although we think Bomgar is a great fit for almost any IT department, there’s no denying that Bomgar and Higher Education make a powerful duo. Educational institutions are on the front lines when it comes to supporting a wide range of new technology, and the “walls” of the classroom are quickly fading as online classes and grading become the norm. Bomgar is a perfect fit for the multi-platform, multi-location problem. Continue Reading

Intelligent Collaboration

A Bomgar 12.3 Feature Preview Today we're excited to preview another new feature coming soon in Bomgar 12.3: Intelligent Collaboration. For more details about this and other features in Bomgar 12.3, check out Before jumping into the feature itself, I want to give some context. Intelligent Collaboration is part of Bomgar's solution to a larger issue for support organizations: How do you match the support reps, whose skills vary, to the support issues that need them without bogging down your higher level support reps? Continue Reading

Friday Five

And we’re back! Glad to finally make it to our favorite day of the week. Now that Halloween has finally come and gone, you can take a break from eating the candy and treats your kids collected earlier this week, and catch up on what you missed while you were out trick-or-treating or watching marathons of your favorite spooky flicks. Check out some of the most popular IT and Bomgar news that happened this week! Continue Reading

The Freedom of Bomgar

Another fun way to win a very cool prize from Bomgar? Why, yes. Of course! Bomgar users are frequently telling us the many things they love about their Bomgar solution and the many ways it lets them help their clients and do their jobs better, no matter where they are. But we also want to know ‘What does Bomgar give you the freedom to do that goes beyond remote support?’. When you solve your CEO’s laptop issues without leaving your desk or manage multiple servers remotely or setup your sales rep’s iPhone settings from your iPad, what other things do you then have the time to do? Continue Reading

Windows 8? Yeah, you can use Bomgar.

Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system is out today, and I'm pretty excited. While there have been some thoughtful and mixed reviews for it, the consensus at least has been that Microsoft seems to be thinking outside of its usual bounds. In case there are early adopters among the many Bomgar users, I wanted to highlight the compatibility statement put out by our product engineers earlier this month. You can read the full statement about Windows 8 compatibility over at the changelog. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Just when you thought you might not make it another day, or be able to see another pumpkin, Friday is here! Welcome back. Between finalizing Halloween plans and costumes, the folks at Apple launched yet another new product: the iPad Mini! Yes, they are much smaller than the iPads we’ve known, but just because they are small enough to fit in a trick-or-treat bag doesn’t mean that your neighbors will be handing them out. Pity. Before you are off to gathering candy, take a moment to find out what the newest member of the Apple mobile device family is all about. Continue Reading

Can you rely on your remote support software?

When customers and employees depend on you for tech support, you need to be able to depend on your support technology. Most of the Bomgar alternatives - GoToAssist, LogMeIn Rescue and Webex Support Center, for example - are SaaS or cloud-based solutions. They host the software. You rent. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Again we arrive at our favorite day of the week: Friday! Regardless of our busy event schedule, we are still going to bring this week’s rundown to catch you all up. Whether you are still trying to figure out Halloween plans or mapping your route to the nearest pumpkin patch, take a few moments to make sure you didn’t miss anything this week. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Our favorite day of the week is back! Welcome to Friday. We all made it. Now that fall is officially here, Bomgar’s event season has kicked into high gear. This week we’re taking a break from the news to tell you where Bomgar is going to be and when! Below you will find the next five places on the road that Bomgar can be spotted. If you are planning to attend any of these events, make sure to stop by and see us! We always have fun things we’re giving away. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Fall is in the air, pumpkin-spice-everything has taken over for these next few weeks, and we finally made it to Friday! You know what that means – time to catch up on the news you missed! By now you have finished your morning latte, so spare a few moments from fall day dreaming, and check out this week’s news round-up. Continue Reading