Top Tech Support Issues Submitted During a #Sharknado

If you didn't catch SyFy’s Sharknado premiere last night, let us recap: sharks + tornado. Caught up? Good. Since the Bomgar team is obsessed with tech support, we immediately wondered what kind of calls IT gets during a sharknado. Continue Reading

How Can I Get My Customers to Use Chat?

One of the most common trends I see when visiting clients is the desire to move phone calls to a more efficient method of support; typically, this means a combination of self-service and live chat. While the motivation is usually to lower cost, I always point out that both of these methods also increase customer satisfaction if done correctly, but that is a topic for another day. Today I will focus on how to increase the adoption rate of live chat when customers have become accustomed to calling your organization for support. Continue Reading

3 Ways Remote Support Just Got Better with Bomgar 13.1

Presentation Enhancements Screen Sharing

Bomgar 13.1 is the latest version of Bomgar’s remote support software. With Bomgar, support organizations can access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere through a secure, appliance-based solution. Continue Reading

Time for a Desktop Support Check-up

No matter what we do for work, we all occasionally need insight into how others are faring in the same job elsewhere. How are other people accomplishing my role in other organizations? What are they doing differently or better? How does my team stack up to theirs? Continue Reading

Etiquette for Your Chat Support Channel

The results from the 2011 HDI Support Center Practices & Salary Survey reveal that about forty percent of organizations use online chat, and about twenty percent are planning to add it. In addition, about nineteen percent of support centers allow customers to submit tickets through an online chat tool. With this increasing use of chat, the agents’ communication skills are critical to conveying the brand and agent credibility, as well as ensuring a positive customer experience. Continue Reading

Sneak a Peek at Our New Release, Bomgar 13.1!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Bomgar 13.1 Remote Support Solution. Join Bomgar for a one-hour webinar tomorrow during which we’ll give you an exclusive preview of the exciting new features and enhancements coming in 13.1. Continue Reading

4 Steps toward Secure Remote Support (Video) #TFT13

Since Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency systems administrator, leaked controversial documents about classified intelligence-gathering programs, there has been additional attention on data security throughout many organizations. Especially when it comes to determining the access privileges of IT staff. In this video, Nathan McNeill covers four simple, but effective ways to secure remote support. Continue Reading

Dell and Bomgar Partner to Make Wishes Come True

Bomgar was the Platinum sponsor for this year's event, with Bomgar EVP of Sales and Marketing, Jim Norton, presenting Bomgar’s donation to Greg West, CEO of Make-A-Wish and Dell President, Steve Felice. Continue Reading

Providing Excellent Customer Service for an Outstanding Customer Experience

Bomgar and Cherwell are a powerful combo when it comes to integrated service management software and remote support technology, but this partnership isn’t the only thing they have in common. Both companies are also passionate about providing customer service that stands out from the rest. This passion has become such a part of our companies’ architecture, that Bomgar and Cherwell are both up for the Service Desk Institute IT Service & Support Award for Best Vendor Customer Service later this month. Nothing like a little healthy competition between partners! But before a winner is announced, we wanted to find out more about what it means to have excellent, stand-out customer service. Cherwell’s Simon Kent, Head of Customer Experience EMEA, and Bomgar’s Senior Vice President of Services and Support, Aramis Alvarez, share their thoughts below. Continue Reading

Five Ways to Ensure Your Remote Support Tool isn’t Helping Hackers

Has your organization been the victim of a data breach? No? Well, it may just be a matter of time. Data breaches are so prevalent today that some security experts suggest we all assume our networks have already been breached and start revising our security practices from there. Even though we usually hear about breaches of big name brands, companies of all sizes need to make sure they’re securing every possible point of entry into their networks. The 2013 Global Security Report by Trustwave identified “remote access” as the most widely used method of infiltration in 2012, accounting for nearly half of all breaches by hackers. Continue Reading