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A Little API Magic Lets Your Users Request Remote Support from Any Site

It’s easy for remote customers to request help using the Bomgar support portal web page that’s hosted on the appliance; and with Bomgar Enterprise Edition you can host as many independently customized portal pages as you wish. But it’s also possible to start a Bomgar support session from any web page, on any web server, anywhere. All it takes is a little API call. Let me show you some of the simple API calls that can be used to start sessions. You may find these useful to incorporate on existing web pages to improve and streamline the support experience for your customers. Continue Reading

Bomgar. Just. Works.

“We ‘Bomgar’ our customers all day, every day.” “We’d be lost without it.” Being at a job where you continually hear how great the product is and how it’s improved so many people’s day-to-day operations is incredible. And man, have I heard horror stories about what it’s like when that isn't the case. Fighting with the manufacturing/development team over what should go into a product that won’t sell is just the opposite of neat-o. Try going into an important demo with a product that is unstable, and it’s enough to make most sales folks lose their self-respect and quit on the spot. But even as recently as last week, one of my customers said that Bomgar has made their lives “300% easier,” and the product is “extraordinary.” Not to mention we have about as cool a company-name-turned-verb as Google. That’s pretty tough to beat in the B2B space. Continue Reading

Community Spotlight - Meet Al Farmer

Having been with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) since 1989, Al Farmer has watched his organization go through many changes due to the incredible technology developments over the past two decades. As Computer Services Manager, Al’s role is managing IT for the state organization of Southern Baptist churches in Arkansas, an organization that helps churches from the smallest to the largest contribute to worldwide causes, relying solely on voluntary contributions from members. As he puts it, “If it connects to our network, I am responsible to make it work.” Continue Reading

Subway, POS Systems and Why You Should Be Worried

Here’s a little IT crime story for you. Last week, two Romanians pled guilty to using remote access software to attack over 100 Subway shops’ and various other retailers’ point-of-sales systems. The damage? Stolen information compromising more than 146,000 cards and linked to more than $10 million in fraud losses. Beyond the interest of the well-known brand name involved, this hearing puts the spotlight on a growing security risk for those in the payments industry. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Welcome back! Today, the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 is available to order and buy in stores - the wait is finally over! Whether or not you’re a fanboy (or girl) you have to admit, Apple certainly knows how to stir up the techie crowd. In light of the excitement, this week’s Friday Five will provide a quick run-down of Bomgar’s iOS remote support capabilities. These features give your tech support department the most advanced, collaborative remote support features available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Continue Reading

OS Agnostic Systems Management: Clarity, Compliance and Security for Windows 8, Linux, Macs and More

Hey, Bomgar Nation! Our partners at Dell KACE have a great event coming up. Check it out! It seems like every day a new release of an Operating System is either announced or updated and IT organizations are tasked with quickly adopting these new technology changes all while ensuring that endpoints stay protected, and cutting complexity and keeping within budget. These heterogeneous IT environments dramatically increase the risk of security breaches, and make a central point of control less and less a practical reality. Continue Reading

Friday Five

Here we are again – it’s Friday! I’m sure most of us caught some of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 announcement, but what about everything else that went on? Below is a quick wrap-up of some of this week’s most interesting tech news, including the Apple highlights! Continue Reading

iPhone 5 Live Blog Event at Bomgar

Since Apple announced the iPhone 5 today, Bomgar employees took a lunch break to watch the liveblog event from TwitTV and follow streams from Endgadget, AnandTech and other outlets. CEO and founder, Joel Bomgar, was there, so I thought I'd pull him aside to get his take on the announcement. (Appropriately, I recorded this video with my iPhone.) Continue Reading

Friday Five

It’s your Friday Five. With hurricanes, schools starting up and a three day weekend on the way, you may have found it a little hard to keep up with tech news this week. Here are five of the most popular tech tidbits we shared this week. Use this quick digest to fill in on a little news before enjoying your Labor Day weekend! Continue Reading

2012 Support Rep Olympics Craziest Freestyle Support Winners

Today we’re highlighting our final event winners from the 2012 Support Rep Olympics; this time in the Craziest Freestyle Support category. Participants were asked to share their strangest support situation and the best use of "freestyling" to resolve it. Our “international” panel of judges – Hannah Haverdink from Legal, Ryan Palmertree from Customer Support, Nate Quarterman from Sales, and Michael Shashoua from IT – voted on their top choices for each category, and here is how they placed the winners: Continue Reading