Stop the Remote Access Security Blame Game

Remote Access Security

This past week has seen a lot of buzz from TeamViewer users who have reported being hacked through compromised TeamViewer accounts. Some in the media have reduced the situation to a ‘he said/she said’ argument with users blaming TeamViewer for vulnerable software, and TeamViewer blaming poor password practices by users as the culprit. The situation is extremely unfortunate for all parties involved, particularly those individuals who have lost money through compromised financial accounts. Continue Reading

Bomgar Enhances Remote Support Speed, Mobility and Security

Today, we’re extremely excited to release Bomgar 16.1, the latest version of our Remote Support software. This latest version offers superior speed and performance when accessing and troubleshooting remote systems, resulting in faster connections and time to resolution. Plus, new HD view screen sharing improvements provide a more responsive, fluid and higher fidelity picture. Continue Reading

Bomgar Mitigates Remote Access Breaches with Credential Injection

Today, we announced a new capability for Bomgar Remote Support: seamless credential injection into remote systems, allowing support technicians to gain approved access to remote systems without ever viewing the login credentials or passwords. The first and only remote support solution to support credential injection, Bomgar is improving the way support and service organizations access and protect secure systems. Credential injection is driven by integration with password vaults, such as Bomgar Vault, to give support teams the system access they need without revealing plain text credentials and passwords, which are commonly phished. Continue Reading

New Bomgar Verify Delivers Efficient Two Factor Authentication for Privileged Users

Today, we announced Bomgar Verify, a flexible and efficient two factor authentication solution that improves privileged access security. A tokenless solution, privileged users can leverage their existing personal devices to authenticate to critical systems. With quick deployment and flexible device options, Bomgar Verify helps organizations to dramatically improve security with minimal effort and investment. Continue Reading

Hackers Don’t Take Vacations – But You Should

As you enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend, hackers should be the last thing on your mind. But unfortunately, these would-be intruders aren’t dreaming of family barbecues or getting away for a bit. They’re thinking about how they can break through your company’s defenses, gaining access to all of your valuable data and information. As bad as this may sound, don’t go canceling your plans just yet. Continue Reading

Northwell Health Uses Bomgar for Remote Support that Meets HIPAA Regulations

More than just a health system, Northwell Health takes very seriously its task of caring for patients and a community. Northwell delivers world-class clinical care at 21 hospitals and approximately 450 outpatient physician practices through the New York metropolitan area. Northwell was initiating plans to replace its existing IT service management solution and wanted to ensure that its new approach to providing IT services included more-robust remote support capabilities than the health system had at that time. Continue Reading

New Bomgar Connect Offers Fast, Reliable Remote Support for SMBs

This week we are extremely excited to announce our newest remote support solution, Bomgar Connect, a SaaS-based solution that enables organizations to quickly connect to and support end-users, customers and systems in any location. Designed specifically for organizations with less complex support needs, Bomgar Connect is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that is built on our enterprise-grade remote support technology. Continue Reading

What You Didn’t Think You Would Use Bomgar For

One of our favorite parts about tradeshows is getting to see many of our customers in person. Often times we get to hear some pretty neat success stories when they stop by, but every once in a while we get to hear some silly stories about how they have used Bomgar in their everyday lives outside of work. We wanted to share a few of our favorites. Continue Reading

Is Your IT Help Desk Helping Hackers?

The IT help desk. Others in the company may consider it the bastion of IT support, but the IT help desk may not always be a beacon of sound IT practices. Given the access and credentials that IT professionals typically need to assist with technical issues, they make a perfect target for hackers seeking to steal company information. Fortunately, there are steps organizations can take to prevent their help desk from becoming a one-way ticket to a major data breach. Continue Reading

Privilege Misuse a Highlight in the 2016 Verizon DBIR

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report for 2016 is now out, and it highlights some dangerous trends facing today’s businesses and governments. With more than 100,000 incidents and 2,000 breaches analyzed, Verizon has captured a holistic view of the state of global cybersecurity. The 2016 report highlights long-standing vulnerabilities around privileged access misuse and exploitation. Top industries affected include healthcare, finance, and the public sector – three sectors with extremely sensitive and lucrative data. Continue Reading