Protect the Password, Protect the Account

Death by passwords – a common thought from technology users today. It’s now part of everyday life that anything we want access to requires a username and password. And these days, just any old password won’t do. It has to be secure, complex and not easy to guess. This often equals not being easy to remember, which then can result in defaulting to easy-to-use or “weak” passwords, and thus creates a higher risk for cyberattack. Everyone has them, and it’s safe to say, we all hate them. Continue Reading

Lock It Up and Swallow the Key

There is no doubt that with the influx of wider connectivity and cloud adoption, ensuring secure network access is challenging. Weak or shared passwords among privileged users, the lack of a password policy or lack of enforcement, and limited training or framework to protect accounts have contributed in the past to major data breaches. Continue Reading

Bomgar Surpasses 1300 Higher Education Customers

Today’s technology support landscape is rapidly changing and challenging, especially on a college or university campus. Providing tech support to faculty, staff and students both on and off campus is no small task. Gone are the days of only supporting on-campus computer labs filled with rows of identical desktops. Campus boundaries are expanding with the growth of online classes, remote branches and international programs. Thus, keeping technology up and running is extremely critical as many books, classes and schedules move online. Continue Reading

Privileged Access Security: Protecting from Threats Inside and Outside

The adage is true, sometimes the most dangerous threats are from within. In the enterprise, this “insider risk” often takes shape in privileged access. Many organizations don’t want to admit it, but securing privileged access and locking down privileged users’ credentials is key as breaches continue to increase in number and effect across industries. Continue Reading

Bomgar Demonstrating Benefits of Chat, Integrated Remote Support at TSW 2016

This week, is presenting at the Technology Services World Expo being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 17 - 19. Bomgar will lead a session featuring tips for enhancing the customer support experience through integrated chat technology. Continue Reading

Boss Appreciation Day 2016

Those of us who have had a truly great Boss understand how much better it makes our lives. We spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week working with them and the team they have assembled around us. A great boss understands leadership, motivation, teamwork, and isn’t afraid to get down in the trenches with their team. Continue Reading

Connect Securely Every Time with Bomgar Remote Support

In a world of evolving technology and mobile workplaces, the need for remote support is more critical than ever. Meeting this need can be a challenge. With a market that’s flooded with numerous remote support solutions, it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Additionally, with a security breach happening just about every day, providing secure remote support has become a top of mind issue for many organizations. Since its National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight the security features of Bomgar’s suite of solutions.. Continue Reading

Bomgar’s CEO Matt Dircks Speaks with Middle Market Executive about Getting Comfortable with Change

Bomgar’s CEO Matt Dircks recently spoke with Jack Sweeney, host of Middle Market Executive’s Thought Leader podcast series. In his introduction Jack states that “the middle market is where growth resides,” and that’s a statement with which we couldn’t agree more. Continue Reading

October is National Cyber Security Month

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, an initiative launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the federal government to raise awareness of the importance of the topic and to offer tips and tools for individuals and businesses protect their information. Continue Reading

Teamwork Retail Provides Full Remote Support for Customers Using Their iOS Apps

The retail industry is one that’s always changing, in a constant race to keep up with the demands of customers along with the infiltration of technology. A recent Bomgar customer, Teamwork Retail is keeping with the shifting retail scene through their cutting-edge technology. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Teamwork Retail provides a completely cloud-based and mobile (iOS) solution that delivers progressive retail software technology for POS, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, clienteling, stock-counts, plus many more organic or integrated solutions. Continue Reading