Bomgar Base 3.2.7



  • Base version 3.2.7 is certified for the Virtual Appliance.
  • [Updated 02-Feb-2012] Base version 3.2.9 is certified for the Virtual Appliance.

New Features

  • Virtual Appliance Host Detection - A new “Health” tab has been added to the Status page that gives Virtual Appliance administrators insight to the detected CPU, Memory and Storage configuration.

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue where leaving blank IP octet fields would convert them to “0”.  Now an error message is returned.
  • Resolved an issue where multiple installations occurring at the same time caused site installations to fail.
  • Resolved an issue where certificate chain generation fails if two certificates have the same subject name.
  • Resolved an issue where Server Listen Ports sometimes failed after the appliance was rebooted.
  • Resolved an issue where automatically built certificate chains were used instead of manually uploaded certificate chains.
  • Resolved an issue where Check For Updates was being blocked by certain public DNS servers such as Google or OpenDNS.
  • Resolved an issue where TCP timestamps could cause problems with certain Customer Clients being able to connect to the appliance.
  • Resolved an issue with SSL Certificates with expiration dates greater than 2038 being displayed as January 1, 1970.
  • The release notes link now opens a new tab or window instead of the current window.
  • Removed the note about using a DNS address in the Common Name field on the Create Certificate interface.  Though the use of Subject Alternative Names is recommended, certificates with only a Common Name are still honored.
  • Updated the text for the country code in new certificates and certificate requests to “Country (Two digit ISO 3166 code)”.  Note that 3- and 1-digit country codes are not currently supported.
  • [Updated 02-Feb-2012] Resolved an issue where the appliance was not reachable after a reboot if the hostname was not resolvable.


  • Service Patch 12 is included in Base versions 3.2.7 & 3.2.9.
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