Android 2.1.0 Smartphone Rep Console


The Bomgar Android Rep Consoles works with:

  • Android Smartphones running Android 2.2+
  • Existing Bomgar installations, version 12.1 or greater
  • Support sites with a trusted CA-signed certificate on the appliance

Highlighted Features

  • Rem​otely view a customer’s or employee’s screen and control their mouse and keyboard
  • Chat with end-users, other reps, and trusted third parties within the session
  • Initiate a remote support session from a Smartphone without requiring the end-user to have pre-installed software or be on a pre-defined user list
  • Simultaneously work on multiple sessions, and invite other reps into a session to collaborate and fix problems
  • Access and Support unattended desktops or laptops via Bomgar’s Jump Technology

Known Issues

  • Mobile reps that are in Extended Availability mode are currently being redirected to a black browser page instead of joining them to the session.
  • When going from full screen, back to normal screen view, and then clicking on the chat icon, the keyboard will pop up, covering up the text edit box.


  • When supporting remote systems with large screen resolutions, it may take a few seconds for the screen to completely update.
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