Bomgar Product Changelog

Bomgar Release 9.2.0 Features

New Features     and Enhancements:

  • Best Performance/Best Appearance now has 3     options (8bit, 16bit, and 32bit).
  • New Web Interface Arrangements:
    • A new column was added to the status page that       indicates if a rep is “in session”.
    • Popup Notify allows a message to…
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Bomgar Release 9.2.1 Features

Nondisclosed Issue Resolutions

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Bomgar Release 9.2.2 Features

  • New Features and Enhancements:
    • Bomgar product re-branding.
    • Additional controls were added to the presentation session window to provide more information to the user about how to have attendees join a presentation.
  • Issues Resolutions:

Bomgar Release 9.2.3 Features

Issues Resolutions:

  • Purchase button links to the proper page
  • Restart button now reflects Bomgar in the success status message once a site has been restarted
  • 24-bit screen bleaching is resolved.
  • Screen sharing now works properly on NT4.
  • File Transfer issues with interrupted sessions has been fixed.
  • MAC stability has…
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Bomgar Release 9.1.2

Issues Resolutions:

  • Two LDAP issues were fixed.
  • An issue where the Customer Client was taking too long to connect and causing the brain to crash was fixed.

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Bomgar Release 9.0.2

  • New     Features and Enhancements:
    • Minimize     to System Tray functionality was added.
    • System     Tray icon now blinks if there is activity when the Rep Client is     minimized to the System Tray.
  • Issues     Resolutions:

Bomgar Release 9.0.1

  • New     Features and Enhancements:
    • Restored     to the default action of the System Tray icon.
  • Issues     Resolutions:

    • Fixed the issue that caused the Rep Client to crash as soon as it was run; sites with long URL’s were causing…
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Bomgar Release 9.0

New     Features and Enhancements:

  • Brand     New Representative and Customer Client Interfaces.
    • Full       featured integrated chat & file transfer interface.
    • Session       tabs for multi-session handling.
  • Front-end     & exit surveys.
  • True     session sharing/transferring.
  • Includes  …
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Bomgar Release 9.1.1

  • New     Features and Enhancements:
    • Zero     footprint enhancements were added for the Customer Client     un-installation.
    • Support     for remote mouse cursor visibility is now available and supported.
    • Prompting     with notification if not running as a service when reboot…
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Bomgar Release 9.1.0

New     Features and Enhancements:

  • Session     Recording is now available and supported.
  • LDAP     integration & Group Policies is now available and supported.
  • Read-only     database API is now available and supported.
  • Screen     sharing performance improvements have been added.
  • Representative     and…
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