Embedded Remote App Support

Remote support, screen sharing and troubleshooting for your apps on Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices.

Embed Remote App Support in Android and iOS Apps

As business use of iPads, iPhones and Android devices increases, more customers and employees are asking for help with their mobile devices … and their mobile apps. However, having an end-user narrate a problem over the phone is often a cumbersome process, especially if the problem involves the phone itself!

Remote control is not available on iOS (i.e., iPhone, iPad) and some Android platforms. But with Bomgar’s Embedded Remote App Support, customers and employees can request remote support directly from an Android or iOS app, eliminating phone support and other less efficient troubleshooting methods.

What Is Embedded Remote App Support?

Embedded Remote App Support is a software development kit (SDK) that can be included in Apple iOS or Android apps. Once enabled, customers and employees can request remote support directly from an Android or iOS app. And support reps can see and troubleshoot the app in real time.

Android or iOS App Special Actions
Control aspects of your Android or iOS app with Custom Special Actions

Customize the Support Toolset for Your Mobile App

Remote Support for Android/iOS Apps
Embed Bomgar remote support in Android or iOS Apps

Every mobile app is different. With Bomgar’s Embedded Remote App Support, application developers can leverage this Bomgar's SDK to customize the support toolset for their app.

Define the Bomgar support queue responsible for app support requests, customize what mobile device system information is available to support reps and create custom special actions to automate troubleshooting steps.

Embedded Remote App Support can be used to make the following features available to support representatives:

  • Remote viewing of your own app
  • Custom special actions that control aspects of the app and automate troubleshooting
  • Custom system info specific to your app
  • Compressed file transfer to and from your app
  • Chat support with canned messages
Control Android/iOS Apps
Use special actions to control aspects of your app

Create Custom Special Actions

App developers can use Embedded Remote App Support to include special actions in their apps. Special actions are automated scripts that control aspects of the app in order to automate troubleshooting steps. For example, you might configure special actions to 

  • Trigger debug mode
  • Extract a log file
  • Clear app cache
  • Show the config screen
  • Restart the app sync
  • Show the user login screen
Android/iOS App System Info
Show system info specific to your Android or iOS app

Customize System Info

App developers can use Embedded Remote App Support to query and display system info to support reps using Bomgar.

Show the default system information for the Andriod or iOS device. Or additional system info specific to your mobile app.

iOS/Android App File Transfer
Enable file transfer between your Android/iOS app and Bomgar

Transfer Files Securely

Use Embedded Remote App Support to enable file transfer between your app and Bomgar. 

For example, a support rep might use file transfer to review a log file from the app or push a new configuration file to the iOS or Android app.

Bomgar Security and Collaboration Included

Collaborate with App Experts
Use Equilibrium and escalation to collaborate with app experts or developers

Not only can Embedded Remote App Support significantly streamline support of mobile devices, other Bomgar features combine with it to create a seamless support experience.

Support reps can use Intelligent Collaboration, Rep Invite and Embassy to collaborate with app experts during remote support sessions.

And to ensure security, all screen sharing and session details are recorded like a normal Bomgar support session.