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Capabilities of Bomgar Remote Support Software

With Bomgar, you'll replace legacy remote access tools with a complete solution designed for the needs of security-conscious support organizations. Bomgar enables support representatives to access, diagnose, control and fix remote computers and mobile devices. Highlighted features are below.

Screen Sharing/Control

The core of remote support is seeing and controlling the remote computer. With Bomgar Remote Support, you can see your customer's screen and fully interact with the remote desktop. Request remote control of multiple computers, view attached monitors, and use advanced screen sharing tools.

Customer Support

Bomgar Remote Support includes everything you need to assist customers using your application or software. Use chat support, screen sharing, and skills-based routing to double support staff productivity. Managers can monitor support activity in real time. You can even embed remote support in your iPad, iPhone, or Android apps.

IT Support

Perform desktop support and server maintenance securely while consolidating your remote control tools into one. Bomgar does everything RDP does, and more. Plus, it integrates with your ITSM, help desk, and ticketing solutions. Details about every remote session are automatically tied to the incident record.


Some issues cannot be solved by one support technician. So Bomgar lets you connect multiple tiers, IT experts, developers, and even vendor support reps into the same session. Everyone can chat, see the same screen, and work together to solve the problem.


Make it easy for customers and employees to request remote support by embedding Bomgar in your website, mobile apps, office applications, and desktop images.

Monitor and Audit

Support interactions can have more of an impact more than marketing does on how your customers and end-users perceive your organization. That’s why Bomgar helps you report on performance, collect customer feedback, and monitor sessions in real time.