Total Cost of Ownership

Customers get all the security of ownership and eliminate the never-ending monthly fees of SaaS remote tools.

Total Cost of Ownership

While remote support brings immediate financial benefits, not all deployment models have the same impact.

Have you ever added up the total cost of ownership for remote tools like WebEx Support CenterLogMeIn Rescue or Citrix GoToAssist? With software-as-a-service, you pay the same amount year over year. That’s really just rent.

But Bomgar is something you own. A low annual maintenance gets you upgrades and support at a fraction of the cost compared to SaaS alternatives.

And Bomgar licenses are concurrent licenses - not named seats. Instead of buying a license for every rep, you only buy enough to cover your peak support load, sharing licenses across teams.

Combining concurrent licenses with Bomgar’s ownership model adds up to a much lower total cost compared to SaaS solutions.