The Remote Support Appliance™

Customers improve security and lower costs with Bomgar's patented, on-premises deployment.

Customers See the Value of Owning Versus Renting

Bomgar B200 Appliance at HDI

Because Bomgar customers view support strategically, they see the value of owning versus renting. Ownership lets them control security, integrate more deeply, and eliminate ongoing licensing fees.

With Bomgar, customers keep sensitive data behind their  own firewall, under the security measures they already have in place. Plus, they eliminate the risk of passing data through a third party hosted solution.

Both approaches may enable remote support outside the network. But only Bomgar lets them control in-house systems without exposing them to the internet.

Bomgar’s on-premises deployment also lets them integrate remote support more deeply than a cloud-based deployment would. Most customers hesitate to sync Active Directory or LDAP with the cloud. But the Bomgar appliance often resides in the same network … maybe even in the same server rack! That makes integration secure and easy.

Plus, our customers have a long-term vision for remote support. They realize that, while Software-as-a-Service may seam cheaper on day one, it never is past year two or three. So they eliminate the on-going fees of software-as-a-service and drastically lower their total of ownership.