API for Custom Integrations

Use Bomgar's open API and Integration Client to integrate Bomgar with internal databases and applications.

Create Custom Integrations with Bomgar

Your support organization already has many tools and processes in place for managing requests and tracking issues. Whether your using off-the-shelf software or home-grown systems, Bomgar's custom integrations allow you to create a seamless support experience.

Bomgar's Application Programming Interface (API) and Integration Client give you the blueprints for creating standard integrations that can shave 75% off development time. From tying remote support sessions to your help desk tickets to associating session logs to call recordings, we give you all the tools required to create custom integrations that work for your support organization.

  • API: Bomgar's open API lets you integrate with any database, service desk solution or other applications.
  • Integration Client: Bomgar's Integration Client comes with two pre-packaged plug-ins - a Windows file system and a Microsoft SQL server plug-in.

The Bomgar API

Bomgar API

To make custom integrations easier, Bomgar provides an open API to all customers, including those with standard licensing. You can use the Bomgar API to extract data from the Bomgar appliance and push that data to any database, service desk solution, content management system or other application based on your business needs.

  • Create custom integrations in-house
  • Integrate with any database, service desk solution, or other application
  • Utilize “outbound events” to trigger real-time actions in external programs

The Bomgar Integration Client

Bomgar SDK and Integration Client

In addition to the open API, Bomgar provides an Integration Client that comes with two pre-packaged plugins - a Windows file system and a Microsoft SQL server plugin.

Bomgar’s Integration Client allows in-house administrators and developers to extract session data from the Bomgar appliance by using the included plugins. 

  • Schedule the export of session data using pre-packaged plugins
  • Create custom integrations in-house using standard protocols [File System, SQL Server]
  • Integrate Bomgar with external security providers and syslog servers

Bomgar Professional Services

The Bomgar Professional Services team can assist with your custom integration to expedite the efficiency and productivity gains. Our Professional Services help you to fully utilize the Bomgar solution and maximize your return on investment.

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