Jump Clients

Remote access to desktops, laptops, POS systems, kiosks and servers, even if no one is present to give you control.

Secure Remote Access Software Is Included

With Bomgar Jump TechnologyTM, remote access to unattended systems is included in the core software. JumpTM clients let you access unattended Windows, Mac and Linux computers. JumpTM clients can be mass deployed, or deployed while you are in a session.

In many support scenarios, the user is in front of the troubled computer and can initiate remote support.

However, many support scenarios do not fit this mold, and the vast majority of remote support products provide functionality for only one situation or the other.

Bomgar JumpTM clients give you remote access to computers wherever they are, even if no one is present to enable remote control.

Access Remote Computers Wherever They Are

Jump Clients Enable Remote Access
Jump Clients enable remote access regardless of network location

JumpTM clients are a good solution for support desks that support mobile users or users on outside networks over which they have little control.

A good example is a medical software company that has to support medical offices using its software application. Obviously, the customers are not on the same network as the software company, nor does the software company have much influence over its customers’ networks.

Having JumpTM clients deployed lets support reps access the remote systems without requiring the person on the other end of the session to be technical.

Manage and Mass Deploy Jump Clients

JumpTM clients can be mass deployed to multiple computers simultaneously. To help with finding and identifying computers later, you can add a group name and comments when you deploy them.

You can also set whether the JumpTM clients are active or passive, and determine the system statistics they send back to the Bomgar Appliance.

Access Remote Desktops from an Android or iOS Device

Control Remote Desktops and Servers from an iPad
Securely control remote desktops and servers from an iPad

Not only can the remote systems you're supporting be located anywhere, the support technicians can be, too.

Bomgar's mobile representative consoles for Android and iOS devices enable support technicans to stay productive while mobile, delivering remote support anytime and from any place.

A technician can control remote desktops, servers and even other mobile devices with a toolkit similar to the desktop version of the Bomgar representative console.

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