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New products of the week 09.21.2015

— Bomgar Privileged Access Management 15.2 offers new capabilities to control, monitor and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors, including securing access within hybrid cloud environments. Full Story

Bomgar Uses Cloud to Provide Remote Access Auditing and Advanced Control

— Bomgar lets end users get technical support by allowing them to initiate a screen sharing session by visiting a link provided to them by the support agent. When an end user solicits help via Bomgar, they can elect to allow the support agent the ability to control their screen in order to fix the problem. Bomgar is most known for their remote access solutions that are commonly used in enterprises around the world. Did you know that Bomgar also offers identity management suites? Full Story

Bomgar Platform Updates Secures Cloud Users Against Cyberattacks

— Bomgar has released the latest version of its Privileged Access Management solution, which provides security professionals with the ability to control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors. Full Story

New solution improves access control for hybrid clouds

— The growth of cloud and hybrid environments brings challenges for security professionals when it comes to control, monitoring, and management of access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors. Full Story

Bomgar improves cloud access security

— Bomgar has released Privileged Access Management 15.2 with an emphasis on improving cloud access security for privileged users. Full Story

Create secure cloud access for privileged users

— Secure access business, Bomgar, added new access and management controls, hybrid-cloud additions and new password management integrations to its latest version of its Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Full Story

Bomgar launches system to secure cloud access for VIPs without a VPN

— Cloud security vendor Bomgar has unveiled its new Privileged Access Management (PAM) system aimed at securing cloud users. The system protects ‘super users’ (i.e. elite workers) a task which market analyst Gartner has dubbed Privileged Access (AKA Privileged Identity) management. Full Story

Ashley Madison’s source code reveals poor security practices

— A security consultant has discovered security credentials such as database passwords, API secrets, authentication tokens and SSL private keys hard coded into Ashley Madison's source code. Full Story

Indiana U Expands Remote Support for IT Help

— Indiana University has gone public with its multi-year usage of a remote support application to deliver IT help. The university system, which has 114,000 students, 23,000 employees and eight campuses is using Remote Support from Bomgar. Full Story

Bomgar’s Secure Cloud Platform Provides Remote Support to Global Users

— For organizations within the EU, certain requirements must be met in order to provide compliant services. As a result, Bomgar has announced that it has begun serving up its remote support platform using its secure cloud hosted in Germany. By utilizing a partnership with VMware, Bomgar was able to gain entry into the European market so that organizations can begin using the secure cloud remote support suite. Full Story

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Elizabeth Hulsey | Public Relations Specialist Bomgar Corporation