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Efficiency and Security Gains Through Remote Access

— The IT environment in today’s financial services industry has become highly distributed, with branch offices and remote workers spread across thousands of miles and systems ranging from servers to mobile devices to kiosks. This can be a tricky environment for any organization to manage, but credit unions often face additional challenges. Unlike their larger counterparts, many of them have limited resources that can only support a small IT staff. Full Story

TECH 21 — Mississippi’s most wanted in technology

— Joel Bomgar’s creation, the Bomgar Box, enables support pros to securely access and control remote computer systems and devices anywhere in the world. At 23, Bomgar founded the company in 2003. Today, it has more than 8,000 customers and annual sales revenue of more than $50 million. Bomgar employs more than 200 people, most in Ridgeland. Full Story

Remote support products meet government security needs

— Bomgar’s appliance-based remote support software enables users to remotely access and fix nearly any IT device that is located just about anywhere. According to Scott Braynard, who is vice president of public sector at Jackson, Miss.-based Bomgar, his firm’s software is built specifically for remote support and offers an extra layer of security to safeguard support sessions. “It is feature-rich for both support desks and service desks,” he says. Full Story

Ensuring Security And Compliance In An Era Of Connected Health

— In the healthcare industry, concerns over protecting sensitive patient data are heightened as organizations introduce more Internet-connected devices and deploy cloud environments to store and manage information. As these devices share more data across networks, IT professionals and medical device designers are faced with the challenge of how to keep this data secure. Full Story

The Top 9 Most Secure Remote PC Access Software of 2014

— Remote access to PCs has long been a tricky IT staple. On the one hand, gaining authorized control to your device and its files is a great thing, allowing for users to have quick access to their most essential electronic items. But on the other hand, this convenience has become a bigger and bigger concern for sophisticated hackers and the infiltration techniques they employ to gain access to your devices. Now, the best remote PC access software isn't just the one with the most features; rather, it's the one that's the most difficult for an unauthorized user to breach. Full Story

How to Reduce ‘Tech Effort’ in Support Centers

— Resolving customer issues quickly and during the first interaction takes effort. It involves creating the right culture, integrating new technologies and improving processes. Market leaders are dedicating huge sums of money to enhance their customer support or acquiring companies with proven support technology to reach these goals. IBM's report,“The Customer-activated Enterprise,” surveyed more than 4,000 executives and came away with three common themes: companies want to be more open to customer influence, pioneer digital-physical innovation and craft engaging customer experiences. All three themes can be seen across the tech support industry. Customers want their tech issues resolved quickly, and in the communication style and channel they choose. Full Story

‘Backoff’ Malware: Time To Step Up Remote Access Security

— DHS issues advisory about remote desktop access tools associated with recent point-of-sale breaches. Another day, another security breach. Today, it’s a number of breaches that may or may not tie together, but all seem to have one thing in common: poor remote access security. Full Story

A wake-up call for retailers

— Earlier this month, it was reported that Information Systems & Supplies Inc. (IS&S), a food service point-of-sale (POS) and security systems provider, notified customers of a remote access breach that may have exposed card data from POS transactions. Full Story

20 Cost-Conscious Tips for Global Businesses Working with Multiple Vendors

— The chances you’ll be able to find one vendor to answer to all your IT issues is pretty slim. That’s why many companies, especially those expanding globally, try to amass a collection of “best of breed” tech vendors or an IT “A-Team.” Full Story

Outsourced tech support model continues to grow

— When multibillion dollar hedge fund Pequot Capital Management announced in 2009 it would close its doors at the end of that year, some senior members of the IT department were faced with decisions on the next step in their careers. "We had time to decide our next-step career-wise, so three of us got together and announced we were going to start SoundView," says Bill McGee, managing partner at SoundView IT Solutions, an outsource IT company. Full Story

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