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Multimedia-based multichannel CRM still faces uphill battle

— Customer service used to be straightforward: People called companies on the phone when they had a question, issue or complaint. Email added a second layer to customer relationship management (CRM) which further diversified communication. Full Story

Don’t Backoff: nail down your remote access policy or face the music

— Remote access and security worries go hand in hand, and last year, we saw the likes of the Backoff malware targeting point-of-sale terminals, and updated Citadel malware, both leveraging unsecured remote access systems to gain access to networks. Full Story

Security and outsourcing – whose responsibility is it anyway?

— Security continues to be a thorny problem for organisations to deal with. According to a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute, 67% of IT organisations have tightened access to company data because they had increased requirements or concerns around security. As companies hear about more and more data breaches occurring through an employee’s compromised remote access account or a vendor’s network login, the immediate reaction is to shut down access as much as possible. Full Story

PCI DSS 3.0, responsibility and protecting against third party access

— Compliance with PCI DSS 3.0 is primarily about enforcing everyday security best practices, but Stuart Facey notes that secure third party access is a key part of that approach. Full Story

Support Provision & the Changing Landscape of the Service Desk

— Service desk teams provide support and service to company employees, helping them to make the most of the IT assets that the company provides. At least, that was always the role that IT Service Management teams saw themselves providing. The overall goal may not have altered, but how this is fulfilled has been changing. Full Story

6 Biggest Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back

— Security breaches again made big news in 2014. Yet despite years of headline stories about security leaks and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and repeated admonishments from security professionals that businesses (and individuals) needed to do a better job protecting sensitive data, many businesses are still unprepared or not properly protected from a variety of security threats. Full Story

5 Recommended Steps to Limit Employee Access: An Interview with Boatner Blankenstein

— According to a recent Ponemon study, 71% of employees have access to information within a company that they probably shouldn’t have. This is one problematic slice in the cybersecurity pie. There are obviously many problems that can lead to a data breach. Full Story

Six KPI’s every Service Desk Manager must know

— Most have of us will have a range of KPIs that we must achieve as a part of delivering successful services. But how do we ensure on a day-to-day basis, that our efforts are in fact contributing directly to that success? In this piece Stuart Facey (Bomgar) talks about the six ‘must know’ KPIs and what simple actions you can take to make sure you have a real-time view of your team’s success. Full Story

Second Gen Remote Support Software Offers Improved Security

— For fuller, more comprehensive customer support today, contact centers are turning toward more collaborative, remote solutions. Beyond simple co-browsing and screen sharing, remote support software now allows agents to handle all kinds of technical support calls, access a full audit trail of remote connections, and even incorporate chat functions and survey options within the support portal. Full Story

It’s Time to Remove the Silos of IT Support

— The times have changed in terms of what users expect when consuming information and services. The new consumer expects information quickly and in the manner they want to receive it (Google search, Twitter, Wikipedia, e-mail, etc.). In an age of instant information, what customers expect from support is changing as well. It’s becoming more common today for customers to post an issue on social media or in a forum and find their problem quickly addressed and possibly even resolved within minutes instead of hours or days. At the very least, a speedy response by chat or e-mail is now considered par for the course. On the flip side, if these new expectations aren’t met, a frustrated customer can now share their unsatisfactory support experience with the world without moving from their chair. Full Story

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