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Real-Time Remote Support for All Platforms

Multi Platform Support

Bomgar's remote support solution enables organizations to provide support instantly, no matter where their reps or end-users are located or what systems they're using. With Bomgar, a first-tier rep running Mac and an admin with an iPad can work together to fix a Linux server – even if they are located on three different networks or continents.

Deliver Fast and Secure Support with Bomgar

Bomgar enables tech support professionals to remotely support desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, point of sale systems, kiosks and more through corporate firewalls. Support reps can do things like view the screen, control the mouse, view system information and transfer files to diagnose and fix troubled systems.

With Bomgar, your support reps can:

  • Instantly support to and from nearly any platform. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and more.
  • Provide fast, effective support. Gain remote desktop control of multiple systems simultaneously. Automatically pull system info for quick diagnosis. Run special actions such as Ctrl+Alt+Del on the remote system via shortcuts.
  • Maintain data security and compliance. Keep data and system access behind your own firewall, and automatically maintain a full audit trail with Bomgar's session logging and video recording functionality.

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The University of York

"One thing that set Bomgar apart from another popular solution was that the other company wanted to charge extra to support anything other than Mac and Windows."


"I think the biggest pain point that Bomgar allows us to overcome is being able to bring that support capability anywhere, anytime."


"Bomgar provides us with a multiplatform solution that supports our 24/7 on call requirements."