Upgrade a Single Bomgar Appliance Using Manual Updates

If you are unable to use automatic updates (for example, if your Bomgar Appliance exists on a restricted network), you may perform manual updates.

Log into your Bomgar Appliance via the /appliance interface and navigate to Support > Updates. Starting with Base 3.3.2, click the Appliance Download Key link to generate a unique appliance key; prior to Base 3.3.2, you must contact Bomgar Support to request this key. From a non-restricted system, submit this key to Bomgar's update server at update.bomgar.com. Download any available updates to a removable storage device and then transfer those updates to a system from which you can manage your appliance.

From Support > Updates, browse to the file from the Manual Installation section and then click the Update Software button to complete the installation. The appliance will install the new version of the Bomgar software.

Note: Please be prepared to install software updates directly after download. Once an update has been downloaded, it will no longer appear in your list of available updates. Should you need to re-download a software update, contact Bomgar support.

Support > Updates
Updates :: Manual Installation

Updates :: Appliance Download Key