Ports and Firewalls

Bomgar solutions are designed to work transparently through firewalls, enabling a connection with any computer with internet connectivity, anywhere in the world. However, with certain highly secured networks, some configuration may be necessary.

Remote Desktop Connection

  • Ports 80 and 443 need to be open for outbound TCP traffic on the customer’s and representative’s firewalls. More ports may be available depending on your build. The diagram shows a typical network setup; more details can be found in the Bomgar Appliance Hardware Installation.
  • Internet security software such as software firewalls must not block Bomgar executable files from downloading. Some examples of software firewalls include McAfee Security, Norton Security, and Zone Alarm. If you do have a software firewall, you may experience some connection issues. To avoid such issues, configure your firewall settings to allow the following executables, wherein {uid} is a unique identifier consisting of letter and numbers:
    • bomgar-scc-{uid}.exe
    • bomgar-scc.exe
    • bomgar-pac-{uid}.exe
    • bomgar-pac.exe

    For assistance with your firewall configuration, please contact the manufacturer of your firewall software.


If you should still have difficulty making a connection, contact Bomgar Technical Support at www.bomgar.com/support.