Chat with the Customer During a Session in the iOS Rep Console

Chat with Customer - iPad  Chat with Customer - iPhone

Throughout the support session, you can chat with your remote customer. You do not need to have screen sharing permissions before beginning chat. If enabled in the representative console settings, you will receive popup notifications when chat messages are received.


Select Chat Recipient

If one or more representatives are sharing the session, you can choose to chat with all participants or to chat privately with only the other representatives. When an additional user joins a shared session, he or she is able to see the entire chat history. Tap the Action button at the top of the chat area. From the menu that appears, select chat members.


The chat window not only records the messages and the time they were sent but also serves as a running log of everything that happens throughout the session, including permissions granted.


Chat Message Waiting

If you receive a message while chat is closed, the chat icon will display the number of messages waiting. On an iPad, the icon will also flash. Tap the chat button to open or close the chat area.