Chat with the Customer During a Session


Throughout the support session, you can chat with your remote customer. You do not need to have screen sharing permissions before beginning chat.

Click the icon at the top left of the chat pane to pin or un-pin the sliding chat window. If the window is un-pinned, hover over the hidden window to reveal it.

When typing in English, misspelled words will be underlined in red. Right-click to view spelling suggestions or to ignore that spelling for the current representative console login.

If your administrator has configured canned messages, you can click on the Messages button at the lower left of the chat input area to insert previously written messages into the chat. Click the arrow to the left of a category name to see its messages and subcategories. Type in the search box to find a specific message.

Messages appear as plain text in the chat input area. You can add or edit BBCode tags within a message to add text formatting. Formatting will be applied once the message has been sent.

To push a file through the chat interface, click the Send File button. Pushing a URL through the chat interface will automatically open a browser on the remote system and direct it to the designated site. In order to push a URL, the web address must be the only text in the field.

To attract the attention of your customer, click Nudge. This gives focus to the customer client, jiggles the customer client, and plays an audible alert on the remote system. The nudge is logged in the chat history. After sending a nudge, you must wait several seconds before you can send another nudge.

The chat window records not only the messages and the time they were sent; it also serves as a running log of everything that happens throughout the session, including files transferred and permissions granted.

If one or more representatives are sharing the session, you can choose to chat with all participants or to chat privately with only the other representatives. When an additional representative joins a shared session, he or she will be able to see the chat history for the previous few minutes.

Session Notes

You can also add notes about the session. If the session is shared or transferred, these notes can be submitted by one representative and pulled by another for a quick, private review of the situation. These notes will also be available in the session report. Notes can be added both during the session and also after the remote connection has been terminated.

Note: It is possible to reposition the different widget sections displayed on the sidebar, like the rep chat window, the rep survey, etc. When hovering over the title bar of a section, the cursor turns into a closed hand, allowing you to drag and reposition that section on the sidebar