Bomgar 10.6 - Q4 2010

Date: February 1, 2011

More than 5,500 customers depend on Bomgar as a core component of their IT support operation. Because of that, we are committed to helping customers enhance their IT organizations’ availability and scalability. We’ve developed Bomgar 10.6 to further enable our customers to streamline the day-to-day and long-term management of their support operations with global scalability, enhanced manageability and advanced reporting capabilities.

Highlights of Bomgar 10.6:

Updates for Support Administrators

  • Bomgar Atlas Technology- Enhance global support operations with the power to scale and centrally manage support across multiple geographies or support centers.* [See What Bomgar Atlas Technology Means to You]
  • Failover Optimizations - Maximize availability and security with failover optimization. Bomgar’s appliance failover configuration now allows for two-way replication on identical installations to give your support operation the most uptime and security.
  • Auditable Dashboard Monitoring - Now, you can audit the team managers and leads as they monitor and assist their employees during remote support sessions for maximum compliance.*
  • Filtered Reporting - Optimize support performance with advanced reporting. Customize your reports at a granular level with new criteria filters and sophisticated what-if analysis to increase productivity across your support team.

Updates for Support Representatives

  • Jump Client Management - Manage all unattended systems from one interface. Now, you can centrally manage and report on hundreds or thousands of unattended systems. Enhancements allow you to administer every unattended device by setting passwords, assigning ownership or viewing status and statistics.
  • Headless Mac Support - Support Mac computers that do not have a monitor present or Mac systems running in a virtual environment.
  • Private Chat with Presenter - When running Bomgar in presentation mode, an attendee can now chat privately with the presenter.
  • Number-Only Session Key - With numeral-only session keys, starting a Bomgar support session is even easier for the end-user.

Updates for Appliance Administrators

  • Enhanced SSL Certification Management – A new certificate management interface makes it easier to create, apply, control and view SSL certificates. Customers can also dynamically change IP/SSL certificate bindings.
  • Appliance Network Statistics - View detailed statistics about your appliance network interface cards (NICs).

*This feature is available with Enterprise licensing.