Bomgar 10.4

Date: October 27, 2009

Highlights: Support for Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Bomgar 10.4, the newest version of our remote control software, is now available! On top of several enhancements to existing functionality, Bomgar 10.4 includes the new features listed here. As with other releases, Bomgar 10.4 expands operating system support to include Windows 7 remote support and broader Ubuntu remote desktop control. Bomgar 10.4 also enables exciting new uses for Bomgar's remote control software:

  • Rep Invite, like Embassy, enhances vendor access management
  • Jump Zone Proxy improves remote support for POS systems and kiosks
  • Shell Jump enables remote support for switches, routers & network devices
  • Equilibrium and MSI Installer improve management of large support teams

One goal of this release is to help support organizations unify remote support by satisfying the needs of multiple support groups with one secure solution.

Bomgar 10.4 Documentation