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BlackBerry® Simulator

Use BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators to demonstrate and test how the BlackBerry Device Software, screen, keyboard, and trackwheel/trackball will work with your application. These simulators will also simulate behavior in various wireless network conditions. BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators are great tools for testing, training, and use in presentations. BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators can run and debug applications as if they were on actual BlackBerry® Smartphones.

Each simulator package represents a publicly available application version and contains simulators for multiple BlackBerry Smartphones, and the simulator:

Bomgar Client Connection/Installs Fail

Bomgar client connections/installs could potentially be prevented if a BES administrator:

  • Has enabled MDS and
  • Has specified a deny permission in the default software policy

Note: If the policy restricts device users or applications from changing the Allow keystroke injection permission, that will prohibit a support session from being conducted on the devices.

The BlackBerry Device configuration may need to be reset:

  • Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications.
  • Find and highlight the Bomgar application.
  • If the Bomgar application is not there, a BES policy is blocking the install or download of applications.
  • Click the Menu button and then Edit Permissions.
  • The Bomgar client tries to set all permissions to Allow. If one is not set to allow, try to change it; otherwise, that may be a setting that requires attention in the MDS policy configuration.