Use Time-Saving Keystrokes while Supporting a BlackBerry®

The following hot keys are available to control the BlackBerry® when the representative console is in full screen mode:

  • F1 – Send
  • F2 – Menu
  • F3 – Trackball Button
  • F4/ESC – Escape
  • F5 – End or Red Hang Up
  • F6 – Volume Up
  • F7 – Volume Down
  • Alt+Esc – Switch Applications

Note: These actions work on a BlackBerry Smartphone only when the Bomgar representative console is in full screen mode.

If the BlackBerry® image cannot be simulated by Bomgar for any reason a default image is shown. This image can also be used for keypad interaction.

To navigate away from the Bomgar application without closing the session, click the End (Red Hang Up) key. You can then navigate back to the Bomgar application to continue chatting by selecting the Bomgar icon in the Downloads menu. The LED blinks orange on the user’s device while you are in a session on a BlackBerry®.