Common Solutions to Troubleshoot Bomgar BlackBerry® Support




BlackBerry device asks you to reboot

You may have an older version of BlackBerry Operating System, or you did not reboot after the Bomgar client was removed from a previous support session

After rebooting, download the client and the device should not ask for another reboot.

Connection cannot be made Persistent socket connections may be disabled In the BlackBerry® Manager, click a BlackBerry MDS Connection Server. On the Connection Service tab, click Edit Properties and then General. Set Use Persistent Socket to True.

Connection continuously drops during support session

Permissions were not set properly, or you are running BlackBerry OS 4.5 over a CDMA network

Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Bomgar > edit perms and set all to Allow.

This is a known issue in the BlackBerry OS1. If WiFi is available on your phone, switch to use WiFi for your network connection. If your device does not have WiFi, contact your carrier to upgrade to the latest BlackBerry OS version.

Note: This issue is not present for devices running over GSM networks.

Touchscreen devices show only a black area where the touch keyboard should appear

With some devices, such as the BlackBerry Storm, session control must be via the keyboard and hot keys

The keyboard and all the hotkeys can be used to control the device.

Bomgar representative console does not show the simulated device image

The device you are attempting to support is newer than your release of Bomgar

If you do not have the latest version of Bomgar installed, the latest version may support this device image. Bomgar 10.3.6 and up will simulate unknown devices with a default image. However, the device can still be supported even without the device image by using the hotkeys as described in the BlackBerry Remote Session section.

BlackBerry Device Error
Access Denied: Insecure SSL Request

This message is returned when an SSL certificate chain is incomplete or untrusted

The ideal solution is to upload a trusted certificate chain to your Bomgar Appliance. Two temporary solutions are:

  • Change the BES permissions to Allow Untrusted HTTPS and Allow Untrusted TLS Connections to True
  • Import the SSL certificate into the device

BlackBerry Device Error
Invalid Tunnel Name

This message is returned when the Access Point Name (APN) is not set

As a resolution, go to Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP and set up the correct APN connection settings.

Note: There is a known issue in the BlackBerry OS only on version 4.5 as confirmed by the BlackBerry Developer’s Support Team in the following link: Any support application will have the same issue when supporting these devices. As noted in the forum post, this only affects these devices when utilizing a CDMA network. The issues will not be present if the device is utilizing a WiFi or GSM Network.