BlackBerry® Permissions for Running the Bomgar Customer Client

When the Bomgar customer client runs, it attempts to set all of its permissions to Allow. If for any reason a permission is set to Deny, try to change it by going to Options > Advanced Options > Applications. Find and highlight the Bomgar application. Press the Menu key and then select Edit Permissions. Change all permissions set to Deny back to Allow.

If the Bomgar application is not listed, a BES Information Technology (IT) policy setting may be blocking the download or installation of applications. Similarly, if the application installs but cannot connect, a BES IT policy may be disallowing connections. See Troubleshoot BlackBerry® Support for common fixes and Appendix: BES, MDS, BIS for further details regarding BES IT policies.

If the Bomgar application’s permissions cannot be changed, a permission setting may need to be modified in MDS for the software application.