Install a Bomgar Button for BlackBerry® During a Support Session

During a support session, a Bomgar Button can be deployed by a representative to a BlackBerry® device and remain resident on the device after the session has ended, making future support sessions easier for customers to initiate.

Add Bomgar Button Session Tool

To install a Bomgar Button on a BlackBerry® device during a support session, the support representative must click the Bomgar Button icon above the chat window. This will open the Add Bomgar Button dialogue window in which the support representative may define the properties of this Bomgar Button.

Add Bomgar Button to BlackBerry

BlackBerry Deploy Bomgar Button Request    BlackBerry Deploy Bomgar Button Request

Once the representative clicks OK, the Bomgar Button installs on the device.

If prompted to allow or refuse the deployment, the customer should click Allow. Finally, the Bomgar Button icon appears as an application on the BlackBerry device after installation.