How to Set a Default Software Policy on BES

  1. Open your BES administration utility.
  2. Select the BlackBerry Domain.
  3. Click on the Software Configuration tab.
  4. Add or Edit a configuration.
  5. If adding a configuration, select the software location (you can select the Research In Motion folder where applications typically go).
  6. Click Policies in the Device Software Configuration window.
  7. Click New.
  8. Set Event Injection from Prohibit to Allow.
  9. Save the new policy.
  10. In the Device Software Configuration window, select the pull-down on the far right of Application Software (the very top row).
  11. Select the new policy and click OK.
  12. Be sure to apply this configuration to either specific users or to groups in your BlackBerry® Domain.

Note: By applying the policy at the Application Software level and not on a specific application, you are setting a default policy. Settings for specific applications override any settings in the default policy.

BES Access Settings

The following 5.x policies must be set to Allowed to enable Bomgar support:

  • Event Injection
  • Screen, microphone, and video capturing

Here is how to set the unlisted application control policies on BES version 5.x:

  • In the BlackBerry® Administration Service, on the BlackBerry solution management menu, expand Software.
  • Click Manage application control policies for unlisted applications.
  • Click the Standard Unlisted Optional application control policy.
  • Click Edit application control policy.
  • On the Access settings tab, in the Settings section, configure the settings for the application control policy.
  • Click Save all.