Define the Profile for the Bomgar Button for BlackBerry®

To create a Bomgar Button for BlackBerry® deployment, log into the Bomgar administrative interface, and then navigate to Configuration > Bomgar Buttons.

Under Bomgar Button Profiles, you may edit the default Bomgar Button profile or add a new Bomgar Button profile. To add multiple profiles you must have Enterprise licensing (prior to 14.2).

Edit Bomgar Button Profile

Once a Bomgar Button profile has been created, you will be able to associate it with a new Bomgar Button you create in the Mass Deployment Wizard.

Note: Adding a new Bomgar Button profile allows you to customize various elements of the icon, including:

  • The image used for the Bomgar Button
  • The title and short title customers see
  • The session initiation options available to customers (e.g., session key only or access to the support queues associated with the Bomgar Button)