Switch Applications while Screen Sharing with a BlackBerry®

Navigating applications on a BlackBerry Smartphone can add time to a remote support session. To reduce support time, Bomgar offers two easy ways to switch applications.

Use Special Actions to Switch Applications

During a support session with a BlackBerry Smartphone, select the Special Actions menu to switch between applications on the smartphone.

Show Event Log Opens the event log on the BlackBerry Smartphone
Open Application List Opens a fly-out menu which lists all the applications running on the remote device and allows the support rep to select which one to open
Previous Application Opens the previous application used on the device
Switch Application Displays the Switch Application menu on the device

BlackBerry Switch Applications Special Actions

Use Keystrokes to Switch Applications

Full Screen Representative Console

During a support session with a BlackBerry Smartphone, you can use the keystroke Alt+Esc to display the "Switch Application" menu on a BlackBerry Smartphone.

Note: Pressing Alt+Esc displays the Switch Application menu on a BlackBerry Smartphone only when the Bomgar representative console is in full screen mode.

To open the Bomgar representative console in full-screen mode, simply select the Full Screen icon in the toolbar.

Once in full-screen mode, pressing Alt+Esc displays the "Switch Applications" menu. Move through this list using the arrows on your keyboard. Press Enter to select the application you want to open.

BlackBerry Switch Applications Alt Esc